From 4 Wheels To 2: The ABCs Of Trading Car For Bike

Posted by EmilyGeorgie about 4 years ago
Driving is wonderful, isn’t it? But if there’s one thing that we all despise, it’s the astronomical costs involved. Oh, and sitting in traffic is certainly a close runner-up. With those two factors in mind, it’s no surprise that so many motorists think about buying a motorbike. 

The 500,000+ bikes sold on U.S soil per year highlight their popularity. Whether you’re looking to replace your car or simply add a bike to your inventory doesn’t matter. Going from four wheels to two can be an exhilarating experience, and it opens up plenty of doors. Not only from a commuting worker’s perspective, but also from a thrill-seeker’s one too.

Nevertheless, it’s not a purchase that should be taken lightly, especially as you will need to take precautions. But if you follow the simple ABCs, there’s nothing to stop you making it a success. Let’s rev this baby into overdrive.


Spoiler alert: unlike your car, a bike only has two wheels. Likewise, the whole dynamics of riding a bike differ from those of driving a car. As such, you shouldn’t assume that your amazing skills behind the wheel of a Ford Fusion will translate to being a natural biker. Although I’m sure you’re an absolutely brilliant driver.

Before riding a bike, you need to prove that you’re capable of doing it. This will involve taking a test. Your first job is to find out more on motorcycle license requirements. Let’s face it; there’s no point in selling your family saloon if you aren’t ready to gain your permit. In addition to learning those skills and the necessary information relating to bikes, you should consider the costs too. 

Biking can be immensely exciting and fun. However, once you do gain your permit, you should resist the urge to take on one of the best biking routes. Give it at least a few weeks of riding the local surroundings you know, and then you can think about exploring. 

Ultimately, if you’re serious about biking, you need to be serious about being responsible too.


Having the skills to ride is one thing. But arguably your biggest decision will be choosing a motorbike to ride. Like cars, no two models are identical. In fact, the variance in performance and comfort is probably far greater on two wheels than it is on four. That’s why you should never rush into a purchase. Whatever you do, taking is for a test ride is essential.

It would be impossible to suggest a bike that’s right for you. However, this list of motorcycles for beginners offers a fantastic starting point. Unsurprisingly, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda are all popular options. Then again, for many bikers, the vision of riding is only complete if it’s on a Harley.

Aside from the manufacturer and model, there’s one other big issue. Should you buy new or used? Statistics show that around 13% of all motoring deaths occur to bikers while over 90,000 injuries are recorded. Regarding those minor crashes, you’re far more vulnerable in those early years. Financially, opting for a used bike is usually the better option. However, those savings shouldn’t compromise the quality of the bike. A full service history is advised. 

When it comes to payment, there are plenty of options at your disposal – at least when you use a dealer. Knowing the difference between a standard personal loan and a hire purchase agreement is important. Alternatively, you could look at the option of leasing. 


No matter how great the bike is when you buy it, it will need to be looked after. 

The fact you only have two wheels means that little problems that wouldn’t cause too much problem to the car can be very dangerous for the bike. Perhaps the most obvious aspect to consider is the tire pressure. If there’s only one new habit you acquire, employing good tire care is the answer.

Regular care and annual servicing are vital for the bike’s sake. More importantly, though, you need to protect yourself. If an accident does occur, having the right clothing and equipment could save your life. Unfortunately, if you’re riding in battered items, you might as well be wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Those potential hazards shouldn’t scare you off. After all, people do suffer car crashes too. However, if you’re going to make that switch from four wheels to two, you must show maturity. Buy the right bike, protect it and yourself, and give yourself time to grow in confidence.

Do all of these things, and it could be the best purchase you’ll ever make.

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