Trucking Fantastic; The New Ford F-150 Is Driving Heaven

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 years ago
    Forty years is a long time by anyone’s standards. Forty years ago, the popular television show “The Muppets” was first premiered on television. It is also forty years since the concept of a platinum album was introduced, and was awarded to The Eagles with “Their Greatest Hits.”
    Holding a record for forty consecutive years is an almost impossible achievement, and should reflect the title holder’s dominance of his or her field. And it’s this record which the Ford F150 holds, being America’s best-selling truck for a mind-blowing forty consecutive years! And with the latest test-drive, it’s easy to see why.

    For a rather humble asking price, you are rewarded with a truck that feels utterly timeless. Built for endurance, while also retaining a stylish finish appealing to both young and old alike, the Ford F150 sets the standard to strive for, which none have yet achieved.

    While the Ford muscle cars have a certain reputation (and are worthy of investment in their own right), the Ford F150 seems a little more of a complete package. Sitting in the cabin is almost too comfortable, as you tower over other drivers in maximum comfort. The upholstery is built with purpose,  and is a rare example of a car that needs to be challenged, and the legroom offers more space than its BMW competitor.

    For such a big and practical truck, it’s extremely easy and simple to drive, with an automatic gearbox that does the thinking for you. This means less time worrying about awkward gear changes and more time to put your foot down, and enjoy the stretch of road as it kisses your burning tyres.

    Ok, it’s handling may need some thought as it can be a bit tricky on bends, but what else would be expected from such a huge vehicle. It would also be worth your time knowing a good value gas station, as this ride guzzles fuel like no other!

    This is a vehicle built to weather all seasons, and is equally adept at driving in heavy snow as it is cruising under the heat of a burning sun. Long distances are its bread and butter, but with such heavy fuel consumption, it is not the vehicle advisable for taking Grandma to her local church. Admittedly, short distances would be better suited for other vehicles, but if you are traveling long distances alone, the peace of mind that this truck provides is immeasurable. You really do feel safe behind the wheel.

    As with any car, it’s worth deciding what you need a vehicle for before purchasing one. But with so much to love about the Ford F150, it’s hard imagining why you wouldn’t need one! From the working man to the family mum, this truck offers the sought after combination of safety and practicality.

    Affordable and practical
    Spacious, great for families or for carrying heavy loads
    Stylish design
    Safety features are well thought out

    Heavy fuel consumption
    Handling leaves a lot to be desired


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