3 of the Best SUVs For Your Next Family Car

Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 years ago
Family life can be busy, so those of you with children will need a car that is suited to those needs. You need to get from A to B easily and safely, multiple times a day. Family life needS to strike a balance, so so should your family car. Which is why an SUV is often the best choice for a family car. You get more of a sporty feel compared to a regular hatchback, but they aren’t as boxy or conventional when compared to a mini-van. So if you’re in the market for a new family car, here are some of the best SUVs to look out for.

Honda CR-V

The stylish exterior of the car houses a pretty vast interior. There is a lot of room for passengers, with some good legroom and space in the trunk. The low floor design means more space than its counterparts. The seats also have a unique flat-folding design, so work well for travel or occasions where you might need more space. Think a camping trip or putting the family’s bikes in the back of the car. It has a conscience dashboard, and generally, it has been shown to be easy to drive. However, with an SUV-style of car, they are on the wider side. The CR-V does follow that trend, making it a little tricky to park. So you might just need to get an upgrade of parking sensors on it as they can be much needed, especially if you’ll have a teen learning to drive in it. Honda has a good reputation for reliability, and so the CR-V is no exception to the rule. So it is easy to see why they are a popular choice.

Kia Sportage

If you’re looking for a slightly different option, then a Kia Sportage could be for you and your family. The style of the car is good; smooth lines and many people comment on the the stylish exterior as well as the interior. You can choose some extras on the car, and it does have space for a family. It has tested well in safety tests, which is of paramount importance when it comes to families. That being said, it is nothing particularly special to drive. Quite a bland driving experience. But the safety features and the style of it are really what you’d be going for with the Sportage.

Seat Ateca

Along the same lines as the Sportage, the Seat Ateca is a good looking car. The thing that it does better is that it has a good driving experience too, so it appeals to parents that want to have a good looking car that also performs well. It is excellent value for money and has a good fuel economy, meaning value for money when driving it too. It has tested well in safety tests giving it a thumbs up. The only drawback with this car is that the warranty and the standard features do fall a little short of similar cars.

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