Jaguar XE 2.0D: Luxury on a budget

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    Diesels have never had the best reputation in North America. They’ve often been thought of as loud, clunky, slow and prone to spewing black smoke. While the technology has improved greatly over the decades, Volkswagen’s ‘dieselgate’ scandal has left a black mark on the North American market, and it’s something buyers are all too aware of. 

    While dieselgate may have seemingly signaled the end of diesel in Canada and the U.S.A., other manufacturers have instead looked at it as an opportunity to capitalize on a market once dominated by VW. Jaguar is one of those brands and their new compact executive sedan, the XE, is one of their contenders. 

    The XE is Jaguar’s all new entry level luxury sedan, taking aim at the likes of the BMW 3-series, Mercedes Benz C-class, Cadillac ATS and Lexus IS. Unlike its competition (save for BMW), the XE can be had with both a diesel and a gasoline engine. But unlike the BMW, the diesel engine in the Jag is actually the cheapest option. 

    Styled by Ian Callum, the handsome baby Jag follows suit with Jaguar’s current lineup. It’s comprised largely of recycled aluminum, keeping weight down, improving fuel economy and reducing the car’s environmental impact. According to the design team, it’ll also help simplify body work repair in the event of an accident.

    Jaguars have a reputation of sporty performance and handling wrapped in an elegant package. The XE Diesel doesn’t exactly deliver on the sporty side in terms of power, but you shouldn’t expect it to. The almost immediate delivery of torque from its 4-cylinder turbo diesel will get you going without struggle. What the car lacks in power though, it’ll make up for with fuel economy. Our car estimated over 800 kilometres of range with a full tank, and can deliver an economy rating of up to 5.3 L/100km. This of course changes with driving habits and use of comforts like the air conditioner and heater.

    The Jaguar is fitted with an All-Wheel Drive system perfectly capable of tackling inclement weather and Canadian winters. The rear biased system is intelligent and responsive enough to keep the car planted, even with the traction control off. The light and direct steering helps the baby Jaguar feel nimble around sharp turns and tight city streets. 
    Those looking for GPS will have to pay up

    Inside, this XE, fitted with the optional R-Sport package, featured some extras like contrasting red and black bucket seats and a touchscreen interface with navigation. Like the interface in the F-Pace, the touchscreen can be slow, unresponsive and unintuitive at times – especially when waiting for the GPS software to load. As well, the interface doesn’t support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, so those looking for GPS will have to pay up.

    While diesel buyers may have been a little turned off by the ‘Dieselgate’ 
    scandal, there’s still some saving grace from the likes of Jaguar. The company’s new XE diesel won’t wow with performance, but the level of luxury, even on the base model, coupled with the efficient Ingenium diesel engine, makes it a serious contender in a field that is in need of competition.

    Written by Shane Kalicharan
    Photos: Kevin Wylie
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