Is It Possible to Make a Used Car Feel New Again?

Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 years ago
This is one of those questions that every new car owner asks at least once in their lifetime. They buy a used car because they want to avoid the ridiculous costs of a new vehicle, but they completely forget about the maintenance costs and the overall feeling of the vehicle. While many used vehicles are completely fine to drive, they do feel a little strange compared to newer versions. Perhaps it’s partially to do with adjusting to a new car, or maybe the vehicle has been so well-used that it simply doesn’t feel like a fresh new car anymore.?

However, making your vehicle feel new again is simple and can be done with just a few basic tools and a little bit of experience. It helps to have a mechanic friend, but you can also just take your vehicle down to the garage. To help you out, here is a couple of ways to make a used car feel like a brand new one.

Give it a paint job

First of all, you want to try and buff up the paint if possible. If the coat of paint on the vehicle is too worn out to be improved, then you might need to completely replace the paint. While it is costly, it will certainly give your vehicle a completely different sheen and look to make it feel like it’s new again. The alternative is to get a vinyl wrap for your car. While much cheaper than a full paint job, it’s only rated to last around 10 years. There are many different designs to pick from and you can even customise your vinyl wrap, but applying it can be a pain and you may want some assistance.

Clean it thoroughly

Cleaning your car is going to give it a fantastic new look, especially if you don’t plan to paint over it or use a vinyl wrap. When cleaning your vehicle, make sure you clean the insides as well. Give it a lovely scent to make it a little fresher and finish it off by vacuuming all the debris and dirt that might’ve been left behind by the previous owner. You can also give the seats a good wash and a clean if you’re a little concerned about the smells coming from your vehicle.

Replace the motor oil

During maintenance, make sure you take a look at the motor oil that you’re using. A synthetic oil change will do wonders for your vehicle if it’s old. It’s perfect to give your motor a little more lifespan by making it cleaner and offering a little more operating efficiency. While it won’t return the vehicle to its factory new state, it will definitely add a little extra oomph to your used car and make it run a little smoother.

Check the tire pressure

Lastly, make sure you’re checking the tire pressure. It’s not uncommon for traders to completely forget about and neglect the tires, but they can quickly lose pressure and give your car and uneven ride. Make sure all of your tires are pumped and check the pressure to ensure they aren’t over or under-inflated.
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