The Ultimate US Motorcycle Road Trip

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 years ago

              The USA is synonymous for a lot of things. Some of them might not be the ones that you’d wish to celebrate - such as being the ‘fast food nation’ - but there are other things that you can pick out that are exceptionally great; and this goes for motorcycles, too. When you think about the roads that America has to offer, a lot of people flick over to Route 66 and all that it has to offer. It’s a brilliant road for cars, but what about those who are riding motorcycles?

    Take Your Time

    You’ll need to take a couple of weeks out to really experience a good route. There are a list of motorcycle tours which count as one amazing vacation; you won’t even need to bring your own bike for it. This is especially good if you are coming in from another country, but amazing for those who already live there so you don’t have to spend even long getting your cycle back to where it came from. It also gives the chance to ride on some great models that you may never have experienced before.

    Plan Your Route

    If you want to go alone and not use a trusted company for your motorcycle holiday, make sure that you properly plan your route. There are well known ones, such as the aforementioned Route 66, which will guide you across the country, but you will still need to plan just how much you’re going to cover in each day and where you are going to stop. This will take up quite a bit of time; there’s a lot to think about. National Geographic have put together a great guide that involve all the twists, curves and long stretches to keep you fully content regardless of which one you pick. Couple this with stunning views and you’re set to go.

    Keep Covered

    The one essential of planning a road trip is that you make sure that you are fully covered insurance wise. The last thing that you would want is to go out and end up in an accident or have your bike stolen without being able to recover fully from it. Think about how long you are going to be on your travels for an add a couple of extra days to it, just in case you are out for longer than you originally anticipated. Make sure that you have enough money safe on a card or in a bank - don’t take too much cash with you. As well as keeping covered with these things, checking your leathers over for any rips or tears before you go and either investing in new ones or getting much-needed repairs is the last thing you do before you have the time of your life.


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