What Makes a Car Safer and More Secure?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago
    If you’re starting to wonder about the safety and security of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to look a little more closely at the things that are most important. If you drive an old car, there is every chance that it won’t really be up to scratch in terms of the safety and security features that matter most. And there are external issues that affect your car’s ability to remain safe on the road as well. Here are the things that make your car safer and more secure.

    Air Bags

    As you should know by now, airbags matter a lot. But different cars have very different setups. It’s generally considered that among consumer cars, Volvo have the most advanced and comprehensive air bag setup. But you should also check how many air bags your vehicle has, as well as where they’re placed. Changes can always be made if necessary.

    Electronic Stability Control

    Turning can be one of the most dangerous things you do on the road, but we all do it every time we get behind the wheel. That’s why you need to have electronic stability control in place. This is a little like traction control but it does more to help ensure that your car always stays on its intended path as you are making a turn. This can allow you to stay on road and not lose control as you make that turn.

    The Right Method of Driving

    The way you drive your car matters most. So, if your method of driving is poor or haphazard, you will essentially be making your car less safe. Think about it; your car is useless without your input. So, this is not something that should be discounted. You don't want to be paying a visit to DeSalvo Law because you’ve been involved in a crash of your own cause, do you? If not, change how you drive ASAP.

    Collision Warning

    Collision warnings let you know when you are getting too close to another car. When you do get close, it means that you are more likely to be involved in a collision soon. And this simple warning could be all that you need to ensure that you don’t accidentally go too fast or too close to other cars or fixtures when driving.

    Lane-Keeping Assist

    Lane-keeping assist is a relatively new breakthrough. It offer a steering input that helps you to stay in your lane. It does this gently and doesn’t affect your driving. Other cars simply use a warning to tell you that you are moving out of your lane. Both methods can help to reduce crashes and accidents on the road.

    Anti Lock Brakes

    On older cars, it’s possible that the wheels just lock up after a hard brake. That’s not something you want to happen because it can make collisions and problems on the road more likely. That’s why anti lock brakes are such a revelation, and all cars should have them these days. If yours doesn’t, that needs to change fast.


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