How to Increase Your Chances of Passing Your Driving Course

Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago

So, you’ve decided to learn how to drive. Congrats! I’m afraid to say, this is where it gets tricky. Although driving can be fun, there’s also a lot you’ve got to learn and be cautious of. Because of how intensive driving lessons can become, you can soon start to lose confidence and thus the chances of you passing can start to lower.

If you want to increase your chances of passing your driving course, here are some tips.

Choose the Right Driving School
The first step you need to take if you want to make learning to drive effortless is to join a good driving school. Driving schools give many students the comfort they need, as instructors are taught to make lessons fun yet educational. Driving schools are equipped with instructors and tools that definitely ease the process. Students get a chance to gain all relevant theory and practical skills, ensuring once they are on the road they will have a more positive experience. One option worth considering is who are a driving school who operate throughout the UK. If you truly want to increase your chances of passing, you may want to consider taking one of their intensive courses.

Learn the Local Routes
One way you can make learning to drive a lot easier is by learning your local routes. Your instructor will take you around various places in your town/city, so get to know the road as best as you can. If you’re insured on a car of your own, perfect! Go out with a supervisor and practice as much as you can. If you’re unable to practice outside of your lessons, get a friend or family member to drive you around and instruct them on where to go. Doing this will reinforce the route and you can put yourself in the position of the driver when doing it.

Another benefit of learning common routes is that you will start to remember the road signs and speed changes, which will come in handy when you take the final test.

Get Comfortable with the Vehicle
?All cars are different and so you should get to know the vehicle you’re going to be practicing in. As a new driver, you should also try and sit in different types of vehicles. If you know your way around various cars, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel confident in the one you’re going to be practicing in for hours on end. Get to know how to use basic functions, such as the window wipers and heating system and then progress to the more technical side of things.

Don’t Worry About Other Drivers
?As long as you are driving safely, it doesn’t matter what some other driver is doing and thinks about you. For example, if you are driving at 70 or close to 70 miles per hour on the motorway and someone is trying to push you to driver faster, don’t get bogged by the other driver and drive within the speed limit. Not only for the sake of following rules, but it’s also important to be safe and secure - so do what’s best for you. As a new driver, you should never get panicked by other people and let them carry on with the way they are driving.

Don’t Get Over Confident
?Learning how to drive can be a bit scary at first, but after a while it will be like riding a bike. You will be able to handle all sorts of driving conditions. While learning, you should remember the basics and stick to them because all that talk of safety might start fading away as you get better at driving. Being confident while learning is extremely important as it helps to make the learning process easier. Remember to stick to the fundamentals as that will help you become a more rounded driver in the future.

Use All Your Senses
?When you are learning how to drive, you should be using all your senses. The most obvious sense is your vision, but you should also try and pay attention to other senses such as hearing (so you can listen out for emergency service vehicles) and even smell if there’s an issue with oil or the brakes.

Dive Straight into the Hard Parts
?The learning process varies across all students, but sometimes it helps to dive into the deep end first. Most beginner drivers will avoid learning parallel parking as they’ve heard it can be tricky.  Whilst it may not go perfectly first time around, you will get there. Sometimes learning the difficult things first makes the learning process easier. If you can master them, you can master anything.

Have Some Sense
You need to use your common sense and best judgment when learning how to drive. When you make irrational decisions, you’ll end up causing an accident.
Finally, Have Hun!

There’s a reason we all long to drive: because it can be so freeing and fun. You should keep that passion alive as you learn so that you never get tired of learning (which will make it more hard work). Learning how to drive is one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life. It’s important to remain relaxed, be safe and make most out of the experience.

Next time you step into your car and sit behind the wheel, consider the abovementioned tips. Learning how to drive is always going to be tough and everyone is going to struggle at different areas. If you stay cautious and take as many preparations as you can, there’s really no reason to stress. Your instructor is always going to be able to control the car if necessary, so don’t panic too much.


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