Jaguar F-Pace: The Big Cat's Biggest Roar Yet

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    Releasing something new into a market that is already dominated by so many amazing options from companies that have such rich pedigrees is incredibly tough, but Jaguar has hit the bullseye with the F-Pace. Yes, this is their very first attempt at the SUV market, meaning they are having to enter the race against huge rivals like the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and the Porsche Macan, yet it takes on this challenge like it a drive through the park. That is a testament to the pricing options it offers, as well as the engine sizes it lets you choose from.

    But the thing it does best of all is prove you don’t need to sacrifice your enthusiasm for driving or your need for excitement in order to have a family-friendly vehicle that does it all. No. This is what an all-rounder should be like - sexy to look at, a thrill to drive and accessible for a wide-range of budgets.

    But if that isn’t enough to convince you to add this to your driveway, we have come up with some impossible to ignore reasons why your next vehicle needs to be the Jaguar F-Pace. The big cat has roared and you need to listen.

    Those Looks
    As you can see by looking at some of the other entries into the SUV category, it isn’t easy to make an attractive SUV (just have a quick look at the Bentley Bentayga if you don’t believe us), yet Jaguar has made a seriously stylish car. All of their latest releases have a serious sprinkling of class, sophistication and sex-appeal, from the XF to the F-Type and even the XE, and they have delivered yet again. Actually, we would say this is their most stunning design yet and so would the fact they won the 2017 world car design award. It is just incredibly good-looking and that is what is going to turn people’s heads first and foremost. You can’t get people to read the content without grabbing their attention with a headline first, and that is exactly what Jaguar have done - they have grabbed them with the headline.

    Not An SUV
    Okay, it is an SUV, but it doesn’t feel like an SUV when you slip inside. It just feels like a Jaguar - a sporty and sleek Jaguar - which is exactly what most drivers want. The reason it feels like this is simple: Jag has listened to the user and designed the experience for them. The driving position is low for an SUV but comfortable, with everything thought out, including the need to make everything adjustable for all kinds of drivers. The other thing they have got absolutely bang on the money is the users desire to have a commanding view of the road. When you step into an SUV, you want to feel powerful and in control, and that is something Jaguar have made sure they offer.

    Safe As Houses
    A huge chunk of the SUV market is dominated by family-people and that means safety is a huge priority. Sure, you can speak to the Kindley Firm Attorneys at Law should you get tangled in a crash and know that you’ll be looked after in the eyes of the law, but doesn’t it make sense that you are best protected before you get to that stage. That is where the F-Pace is so fantastic. Not only does the body have all the crash-protection you’d expect from an SUV, it also champions some of the most outstanding safety features in any car. We’re talking the standard things like airbags and all that, but we’re also talking about pedestrian impact protection, autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot assistance, parking assistance, adaptive all-wheel drive, adaptive cruise-control and a heads up display like no other. Yeah, this thing will keep you safe on the road, that’s for sure, which means you’ll just need that team to keep you safe in court, should it ever be required.

    Subtle Luxury
    The Jaguar pedigree does the speaking for you on the inside. There is nothing shouty or showy about the interior; just conservative colours, lovely upholstery and a sophisticated dashboard. The only hint at flashiness comes from the gorgeous veneers, choice of six kinds of wood or etched aluminium and the leaping Jaguar on the steering wheel. Other than that, it is quite happy to leave the talking to you and anyone else in the car with you.

    Top Tech
    While the interior may not be showy, the tech is, but that’s what you want from the latest advancements on the tech front. The infotainment is all controlled by the InControl Touch system, which is perfectly designed for simple navigation in the form of an eight-inch touchscreen that operates like a smartphone, responding to swipes and pinches and everything else. Of course, if eight-inches isn’t big enough, you can upgrade to a 10.2-inch screen, while also upgrading the functionality too. Seriously, though, this in car control system is incredible and it’s well-worth test driving this beast just to experience all it can do.

    The Drive
    It drives like a Jaguar should drive. It is as simple as that. You want to smile as you put your foot down and that is exactly what you will get because this SUV manages to do what so many others try hard to do but sometimes miss the mark on, and that is defying the laws of physics. You see, the F-Pace handles in the same way the F-Type sports car does; it grips to the road like sorcery is involved, offering a sharp and engaging drive that you will be utterly gobsmacked by. Sure, this may be something you expect from a car of this quality, but to experience it is still part of its wow-factor.

    The Price
    This almighty car has a starting price of just £34,730. That Is incredible. Seriously. The Range Rover Velar starts at £45,000, the Range Rover £77,000 and the Volvo XC90 £49,000. But that isn’t all because this is also an SUV that is incredibly kind on your wallet with one of the engine options offering fuel consumption of 58 mpg. That is staggering.

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