The Safety Features Driving Forward The Auto Industry

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago
    The auto industry is always pushing forward, finding new ways to make their vehicles the best that are out there. While many of the features that they include in their models seem to add to the style and fun of the vehicle, there is another area in which car manufacturers are killing it: safety. After years of the same old, same old safety features, we’re not far away from the golden age of car safety. Below, we take a look at five features that will hopefully make our roads safer in years to come.

    Advanced Cruise Control

    There’s nothing better than setting the cruise control and then settling in for a long journey on the open road. Well, there is one thing better - using advanced cruise control. It works in essentially the same way as the older version, but this one has a couple of neat additional safety controls that make it much, much safer. You’re able to set how much distance you want to keep away from the car in front of you, and then if you get too close your car’s braking system will kick in and ease of the pedal.

    Back It Up

    We shouldn’t expect it, given how slow people drive in them, but there’s a lot more accidents in car parks than there should be. While these are rarely serious threats to a person’s health, they do cost a lot of money in insurance claims each year. With parking assist, the human error element is taken out of parking - instead, the car does all the work.

    Advanced Blind Spot

    An aspect of driving that has always plagued drivers is the dreaded blind spot - the bit that the mirrors don’t quite catch. If you can’t see it, then you can’t do anything about what might be in that blind spot. Now, some cars have a feature that tells the driver of any blindspot threat through the speaker system. Others yet allow the operator to monitor the blind spot through a camera.

    Driver Alertness

    Of all the problems on the road, none are as dangerous as driver alertness. Car accident law firms have noted an increase in car accidents over the past year, many of which, experts say, have been to individual errors - in particular, thanks to increased smartphone use when on the road. Tiredness is also a factor. This is slowly being combated through features like Volvo’s Driver Alert Control, which notifies the driver when they begin to drive more erratically - essentially when they begin to drift through lanes.

    Automatic Braking

    Human reaction is inconsistent; that’s part of the reason why we have accidents in the first place. That’s why car companies are removing that inconsistency. Thanks to features like the forward collision warning, drivers will have an opportunity to brake before the accident occurs. There’s also the automatic braking system, which will kick in if the driver fails to react in time.

    With these features ever more prominent, we should see safer roads on the way.


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