Debunking Some Common Driving Myths

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago

    Everything in life can become embroiled in myths and rumors. Over the years, lies develop or information that was once correct becomes out of date. In the world of driving, you can find just as many myths as anywhere else. When you first start to drive, everyone wants to give you tips.  They can range from how to take care of your car to how to conduct yourself on the road. It's important to be aware of what's true and what's not, especially if you're inclined to believe your family and friends without question. Have a look at these myths that are easily debunked.

    There's an Exact Time to Change Your Oil

    When you first learned to drive, you might have been told that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. In fact, you might have heard this a lot. However, modern vehicles might not need to have the oil changed nearly as often as that. For many of them, every 7,000 to 10,000 miles is more appropriate, and some can go for even longer. However, auto shops will tell you that you need to do it more often because it means more money for them. Of course, if you learn to do it yourself, you'll never need to pay anyone else to do it for you.

    Your Insurance Will Always Protect You

    Having insurance for your vehicle is essential. It makes it easier to deal with things if you get in an accident or your car is stolen or damaged. However, your insurance isn't always going to protect you against everything. Firstly, there are different levels of cover, so your insurance provider won't necessarily pay out for everything. Also, if you go here to learn more, you'll see that insurers are often reluctant to make payments. Even if they do pay you, because your policy says they have to, they might try to pawn you off with a low figure. Sometimes, a lawyer is necessary to ensure you get a fair payout.

    Using a Hands-free Set Is Safer

    You've probably heard that you should hold your phone while in the car, and you certainly shouldn't text. However, most people believe that it's perfectly safe to use a hands-free set, thinking it's just like talking to someone in the car. But evidence shows that it can actually still be distracting because talking on the phone is a distraction, whether you're holding it in your hand or not. In fact, some studies suggest that hands-free users are more distracted because they don't compensate for the distraction like people holding their phone do.

    You Should Warm Up Your Car Before Driving

    This old myth might have been true once. But modern cars don't need to be warmed up, and it's not very eco-friendly or efficient to do so. Your engine should be able to work while cold, and it will warm up as you start to drive. It might be nice to turn the heating on and let the inside of your car warm up, but it's definitely not essential.

    There are plenty of myths about driving and cars that nearly everyone believes. It can be hard to convince them differently, but it can also make them better drivers.


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