Common Car Annoyances That Cause Big Issues

Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

If you’ve got your own set of wheels, you know exactly how difficult it is to keep on top of car repairs. Each year, you have to pass an MOT to ensure your car is roadworthy, but if you’re the sort of person who waits until the gas light is flashing before you fix that weird sound, then you’re going to have some expensive issues on your hands. There’s nothing easy about car maintenance; especially those little annoyances that you can keep driving around with but that do need fixing.
Car repairs are notoriously expensive, depending on the garage and mechanic you use. Manufacturers may be building cars to last longer than before, but that doesn’t make them exempt from needing help occasionally. Knowing what to expect when parts of your car decide to stop cooperating is essential as a driver, as is not ignoring the blinking lights on the dashboard when they start to flash! It doesn’t matter the age of your car, there are some common car annoyances all drivers will encounter, and we’ve listed a few of them for you here:
Car repairs are notoriously expensive
1. Failed Air Conditioning. If you’re in a hot country, the worst possible thing you could encounter is having your car air conditioning need to be re-gassed. In the height of the summer, getting into a hot car that has no fresh, cool air can feel like torture. There’s not much worse than sweating it out in traffic! Keep an eye on your car air conditioning and get it checked out as soon as you suspect the cooler air has stopped coming through.
2. Loose Fuel Cap. It’s a common occurrence, but that ‘check engine light’ will come on with a loose fuel cap. It’s an easy fix, and if you don’t get it fixed quickly you’ll find your car's fuel economy decreasing.

3. Spark Plug Replacements. These tiny little plugs are the bane of the driver’s life, and if it stops working you’re going to have major issues. They ignite the fuel cylinder in the engine, and spark plugs that fail and that are failed to be fixed can cause a catalytic converter failure. This small item is expensive to replace at most garages, so ensure that you have a good mechanic on speed dial and the right type of insurance!

4. Thin Tire Tread. You should be checking the depth of your tires regularly, especially given how vital the tires are to the way the car runs. If you can see uneven tires, you are risking your car wheels being misaligned which can cause accidents! Get them checked regularly by a professional and replaced as you need.

5. Fuel Issues. Most new drivers have made the mistake of adding the wrong fuel to their car. It’s a common, if not annoying, problem. A specialist can drain and flush the fuel out so no lasting damage is caused, but again, this is going to cost you.
These small annoyances can cause big car issues, so get them under control before it’s too late!
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