Bad Driving Habits You Need To Quit Immediately

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    An average of 102 people were killed on the road in the US last year, according to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Over the year, over 30,000 of these deaths were caused by traffic accidents. The statistics are frightening, but they are something that should be kept at the forefront of your mind when driving. You don’t want to be the next statistic! Not only is your life in peril, but the lives of other road users are, also. Not only will you face the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer in legal fees, but there will be the emotional cost, especially if you are directly responsible for the loss of life of another person.??

    None of us get into our cars with the intention of causing harm to ourselves or others, but we are often guilty of slipping into bad habits that could cause endangerment. We will look at some of these unsafe practices in this article, and if any of them relate to the way you drive, it is time to quit doing them now. ???

    Using a phone behind the wheel??

    Statistically, 1.6 million road accidents occur every year because of our mobile devices. They are an unnecessary distraction, and should be turned off or rigged up to a hands-free device while driving. Yes, our phones are useful, especially in the event of a break down on the road, but be honest with yourself. Do you really need to check your text messages when driving? Taking your eye away from the road for even a second could lead to a potential mishap. Curb the temptation, and only use your phone when you have pulled over somewhere safe.??Going over the speed limit??Not only will you get fined should a speed camera catch you, but you are more likely to kill somebody when going over the speed limit. Think about it logically. Your reaction times will suffer when cruising at high speed, and no matter how hard you hit your brakes, danger of a collision with another person or vehicle is increased.  Don’t risk going over the speed limit at all, even if you are running late for something important. If you have an accident, you may not get to your destination at all!

    Not maintaining your car

    Your car needs to be safe to drive, and there are a range of issues that could cause you major problems while driving. Give your car a regular safety check, or take your vehicle to a qualified auto-mechanic who will ensure your car is running properly. There are some things you can do yourself, such as filling up your wiper fluid, checking your tyre pressures, and topping up your engine oil. These tasks are simple to do and can be the difference between life and death on the road. In short, if you don’t think your car is safe to drive, don’t get behind the wheel.

    Driving while tired

    Should you start feeling sleepy while driving, you need to pull over somewhere safe and get some rest. Alternatively, if you have somebody traveling with you, ask them to take the wheel for a while to give you the opportunity to nap. Driving while tired will impair your reaction times, blur your vision, and cause you to make poor judgments. You might even fall asleep. Do yourself a favor, get plenty of rest before a long drive, and if something like medication causes you to feel tired, take public transport instead.

    Bottom line

    There are other dangerous habits of course, such as drinking while under the influence and driving aggressively. You know the habits you are guilty of making, so there are no excuses for bad road behavior. Be responsible, and make every effort to become a safer driver, for all our sakes.

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