Common Car Emergencies That Could Become Serious

Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 years ago
It’s impossible to tell when something will go wrong with your vehicle and you might put passengers and other road users at risk. For that reason, it’s essential that all motorists educate themselves about the best course of action when the most common emergencies occur. If you know how to deal with these problems effectively; you should manage to avoid the worst possible outcomes. With that in mind, read some of the advice below and put it into action if you ever find yourself facing any of these problems. Remember, these faults happen a LOT, and so there is a good chance you will have to deal with them at some point. 

Power steering problems 

Most modern cars come with power steering, and that technology makes it much easier for motorists to drive on the roads without building muscles the size of Hulk Hogans. However, there are many instances in which power steering is known to cut out and stop working when drivers are behind the wheel. If you’re traveling at speed when that happens, you could lose control of the vehicle. The best tip available is that you should steadily slow the automobile down until you come to a halt if you ever notice something is wrong with the power steering. You will then need to call for some roadside assistance. 

Brakes not working

Nobody wants to think about what might happen if their brakes stop working while they’re driving down the freeway. However, that does happen from time to time, and so it makes sense to be prepared. Again, you just need to slow the vehicle down until it comes to a stop. In extreme cases, where you might cause injury, and you’re traveling downhill, the most sensible move is to attempt to bump your car into a parked vehicle slowly. Sure, you might get a driving ban, but at least you’ll keep your life. Just make sure you only do that if lives will be at risk if you allow the automobile to keep moving. With any luck, your foot brake and handbrake shouldn't stop working at the same time. 

Blowing a tire 

When you blow a tire while you’re driving, it’s often easy to think you’ve run over something. That is because there is a loud bang, and you will suddenly lose some control. All you need to do is follow the same procedure again. Slow the car down steadily, and then find the nearest tire shop using your smartphone. Do not try to drive the vehicle anywhere with a blown tire. You’ll need to find a company that also offers a recovery service. Of course, if you have a spare in the trunk, you can always try to change the affected wheel until you reach assistance. 

Every one of those car emergencies could result in severe injuries for yourself and other motorists if you don’t follow the correct strategy. Hopefully, after reading the information on this page, you will find yourselves in a better position to make the right moves. Share this post with your friends to ensure they can also benefit from the information, and make sure you stay safe on the road guys and gals!


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