Drive Like James Bond: Become A Stunt Driver

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    If you are a car lover, you will have been watching movies all your life involving flash cars launching themselves into the air, weaving effortlessly through foreign streets, and even becoming stuck halfway off a cliff. These films are classic and super fun to watch, and they also make us wish that one day we could be the one in the driver’s seat taking action and cruising the streets.
    Racing games are the closest many of us will ever come to driving a flash car and making ridiculous jumps, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now, we’re not suggesting that you take your ford fiesta and start climbing to crazy speeds in your local town but that’s when to hire a car accident lawyer. Instead, you can become a stunt driver yourself and learn some incredible tricks without severely injuring yourself and others.
    The first step to fulfilling your dreams of being a stunt driver for a day, or even for your career, is to find a great teacher. There are plenty of stunt driving schools and experiences all over the world, so a quick Google search will likely bring up a host of options for you. Then comes the fun part…
    The first move you will learn to do as a stunt driver will most likely be handbrake turns around a slalom of cones on the floor. The trick here is to combine your hand and foot brake in perfect sync in order to shift the weight of the car to its nose. You then want to get as tight to the cone as possible and maximising the traction on your front tyres.
    The J-Turn is one of those impressive tricks you’ll see the police perform in car chases, as it’s a safe technique once you’ve learnt it and can be applied any time. The first step is to reverse and accelerate to 45 mph. Once you’ve reached that speed, simply swing your steering wheel violently to the left or right. The best way to make sure you don’t lose control of the car is to lock the wheels and brakes to straighten your steering halfway through the stunt. It’s one of those moves that once mastered, it looks super impressive and gives you a massive rush of adrenaline. You’ll probably want someone to film you completing the stunt to cement it in your memory for the rest of your days.
    A 360 spin will be the next move to add to your stunting repertoire. It is much easier to perform this trick in a manual car than an automatic. Begin stationary, and then begin to drive in a circle. Make your circle gradually smaller and smaller and then increase your speed. Lock the wheel to keep the circle as perfect as possible. Push down the clutch and pull up the handbrake. Once you begin to slide release the handbrake and spin to your heart’s content. It’s probably advisable not to perform this move after you’ve just eaten though.  
    Once you’ve mastered these moves and you can confidently cruise around the track like a kid at a sweet shop, you can move into the most exhilarating trick of all- the ramp. You’ll need to speed up to about 15 mph, approaching the ramp and let go of your fears. It might feel a bit jumpy, and if the car starts to wobble, simply move the steering wheel to maintain balance.
    What’s the best car to use for Stunt Driving?
    Ideally, you want a full size car such as a Ford Focus, or you can stick to more compact cars like the classic Mini’s from Italian Job. In terms of the type of car you go for, rear-wheel drives are better for J turns and spins, and smaller vehicles are amazing for drifting. To be honest, you can use pretty much any car for stunt driving if you know the technique well enough, although maybe every car other than the Reliant Robin.
    How Do I Start?
    The key to being able to stunt drive is to be incredibly careful and undergo A LOT of training. You’ll be able to find some great instructors around the country who will teach you step by step how to control the car and perform tricks in a safe manner. The point of stunt driving is that the moves are full proof- it’s a matter of learning the technique and practicing over and over until you’ve nailed it. You never know, one day you could be James Bond’s stunt driver.

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