5 Ways To Outsmart A Crooked Car Salesman

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    You know the scene. The moment you set foot in the car dealership, a man in a smartly dressed suit and a wide, bright smile suddenly appears behind you, ready to take you for a ride, literally and metaphorically! Unfortunately, not all salesmen are honest, but it’s hard not be taken for a fool if you don’t know your wheel rim from your wheel trim. Well, worry no more. There are ways to outsmart a crooked car salesman. Here are just some of them.

    1. Don’t fall for a bargain

    You may have found a bargain, but compare prices online. If the selling price of the car you are looking at is significantly lower, there may be something wrong with the motor. Alternatively, the dealer may be a MAP violator, as investigated by services such as Trade Vitality. Ask the dealer why the car is so cheap, and treat them like the lemon they may be trying to sell you, by squeezing information out of them. They won’t confess easily, but if you are in any way unsure as to their motives or the car’s worth, you can walk away from the showroom at any time.

    2. Inspect the car thoroughly

    You are in your right to inspect the car, and this includes going beneath the bonnet to delve beyond the surface. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then bring along somebody with you who does, or pay for a trained mechanic to give the car the once-over before you part with your cash. There may be glaring issues that your unqualified eyes weren’t able to see, so a second opinion will help you make an informed decision, while the car salesman angrily seethes inside!

    3. Test drive the hell out of the car

    It’s common practice to take a car for a test drive, but the salesman will normally encourage you to take the car for a short spin. Instead, insist on taking the car out for longer, and if the salesman offers resistance, take them for a drive with you. That way, they know you don’t plan on stealing the car, and you will know how viable the car is across a range of miles and environments. You may not spot signs of trouble within thirty minutes, but when the engine starts to make abnormal sounds around the hour mark, you know you are driving around in a clunker.

    4. Insist on a warranty

    You will normally get an extended warranty with a new car, but when buying something used, you may only get a short-term warranty, or an ‘as is’ agreement which negates the responsibility of the seller. When dealing with the salesman, insist on a warranty before you sign your finances away, and if the seller kicks up a fuss, then you will know they are probably unethical.

    5. Know the law

    The seller is required to adhere to the law, which includes having the right paperwork at hand, and you have certain rights, such as protection by the Sales of Good Act. If the seller is at fault in any way, politely point them to the law (you will need to do your research) and point out their mistakes. If they ignore you, threaten to expose them online, and let them know of your intention to let the relevant authorities know about the illegal activities taking place within the dealership. The dealer will either amend his mistakes or run for the hills in panic.

    Final word

    Not all car dealers and sellers are immoral, no matter how flashy and persuasive their sales patter. However, you don’t want to get caught out by somebody who is dodgy, so follow our advice and be sure of your rights when making your next purchase.

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