Driving Your Sports Car in the Winter: Five Safety Tips

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    If you love summer breaks and hitting the highway in your shiny roadster, you might be thinking that it is time to swap to an SUV for the cold months. The good news is that you can improve the performance of your sports car in the winter months, so you can enjoy a ride whenever you want to see more of the country. Below you will find five tips on how to get your roadster ready for winter drives.

    Change Your Tires
    Sports tires perform best on hot road surface, therefore, you will need to visit your specialist repair center and get them to swap your tires to winter versions. This way, you can drive on icy and snowy roads and maximize the traction. Make sure that you ask your mechanic to adjust your settings, so they are more suitable for winter. Check the winter driving safety recommendations of your manufacturer, so you don’t end up disappointed with your car’s performance in cold weather. You will need to take your time with maneuvers, and maybe forget rapid braking.

    Check the Tracking
    It is also important that you get your tracking checked. If you have taken long trips on winding roads in the summer, chances are that your steering needs adjusting. If your car has tracking issues, it will be harder to maneuver in wet and cold weather, and your tires will show signs of uneven wear. Tracking problems can also cause the brakes to underperform. Check your model’s performance to find out whether it is able to cope with ice and snow.

    Add Your Roof
    To stay warm and maintain the condition of your car interior, you will next need to visit your car specialist to install your roof, if you are driving a convertible. Snow, ice, and changing temperatures can not only damage your skin, but also the quality leather materials used in your sports car. Always look for a recommended convertible specialist who can ensure that your roof is safely installed, and you are protected from the weather.

    Check Your Batteries
    Before you start off on a winter cross-country trip in your roadster, you have to get your batteries tested. Without making sure that you have enough power to keep the air conditioning, heating, lights, and satellite navigation running, you should not start off. A battery test takes only a few minutes at your local car repair station, and can prevent the simple common cause of breakdowns in the winter.

    Protect Your Bodywork
    It is also recommended that you visit your body shop to ask about different winter wax treatments that can help you protect the paint on your car, so it doesn’t get damaged by the snow and ice. If you are expecting hailstones and ice frozen on the car, you need to make sure that the shine of your car is preserved. Make sure that you also protect parts underneath the body, as salting the roads and creating acidic sludge can cause corrosion.
    While you can take your sports car out of the garage in the winter, you need to get her prepared for the new challenges ahead.


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