Avoid These Seven Motorcycle Safety Mistakes

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago
    Motorcycle, motorbike, donor cycle, thigh rocket – whatever you want to call it, you should be proud of your ability to control this piece of machinery on two wheels. Your newfound fascination with motorbikes should have you gagging to pass your test and get your new machine on the road. Motorcyclists are free on the road: they are not boxed in like a car driver is. They aren’t restricted to the same flow of traffic and – unfortunately – many of them also feel like they are beyond the laws of the road.

    There is no denying that motorcycles are efficient, cool to look at and fun to tinker with, but so many beginner riders make too many mistakes on the road and these mistakes are those that can cost lives. Motorcycle safety is just as important as car safety, more so, given that rubbing shoulders with danger happens far more frequently on a motorcycle than it does with a car. The reality of riding a motorcycle includes the fact that a crash on a motorcycle is far more likely to be fatal in comparison with a car. You don’t have a steel frame and air bags surrounding you on a motorbike, so the bit that takes all the impact in an accident is, well, you! Even the most experienced riders can find themselves using the services of https://www.haffnerlawyers.com and this is mostly due to the actions of other people in the road. Motorcycles are so fast, that if other drivers on the road aren’t vigilant and aware of their presence, mistakes are made. Being a beginner motorcyclist means that you have a lot to learn, and even though you are keen to get out there and get on the road, if you aren’t careful then your own excitement can turn very badly very quickly. There are a lot of stupid mistakes that new drivers make in their first six months on the road, in the same way that car drivers do. We’ve put together some of the top mistakes that you should be avoiding from the get-go, and whether you are new to the world of biking or you are a seasoned driver reading this, pay attention. There’s nothing worse than not being prepared!

    “The Basic Rider Course Doesn’t Matter”
    You’ve passed your theory and you’ve had your test. You’ve zipped around the cones a billion times and so, as far as you are concerned, you’re experienced enough to get out there on the road. You don’t need an extra course to tell you what you already know, right? Wrong. So wrong. A basic rider course can teach you all the basics of riding safely on the main roads, essentially teaching you what you need to know to save your life. Not so unnecessary now, right?
    “I Want To Ride EVERYWHERE”
    While you have spent time in the driver’s centre dodging traffic cones on a dry day, you are absolutely not ready to gear up and drive in all conditions – yet. It’s an exciting thing to hop on your bike and sail down the open road, but it takes time to work up to driving in different terrains or adverse weather. Take your time and build up slowly, so that you can truly recognise when you are ready to go further.
    “I NEED A Harley”
    Whatever you do, don’t let your first ever bike be a Hayabusa or a Harley Davidson. These may be beautiful bikes, but as with a regular car driver, you need somewhere to start. You need a starter bike that you can make small mistakes on with a lower insurance. The last thing you need to do is buy a brand new road tank and prang it. Let’s not forget, just because you’ve ridden your bike a few times doesn’t mean you will stick to motorcycling. Go for the big guns when you are truly ready and not before.
    “I Did A Safety Check Yesterday, I Don’t Need Another”
    Every single time you get on your bike, you need to do a safety check. It takes two minutes to give the tires a once over and check the gas tank. Just because your motorbike worked perfectly yesterday, doesn’t mean that it will today. Take the two minutes to do the safety check: those one hundred and twenty seconds could save your life.
    “People Can See Me Wherever I Go”
    Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. You may look amazing in your leathers and your bike could be the shiniest bike on the road, but people still won’t see you. Assume your powers of invisibility are intact. Assume that people on the road are blind and will swerve in front of you. Assume pedestrians are idiots and will walk right into your path. People will not always see you and you have to be prepared for that.
    “Biking Gear Is A Waste Of Money”
    If this is how you think, you should not be on the back of a motorcycle. Jeans and a leather jacket may look cool, but there’s nothing cool about the road rash you would get if you went flying off your bike. The right gear doesn’t just prevent the more serious injuries, it could save your life. Read this list on what gear you need at the very minimum, and build on that. Life is way cooler than dying in the road because you wanted to feel the wind in your hair at sixty miles per hour.
    “I Look Amazing With A Passenger”
    You as a beginner should get confident with your riding skills before inviting anyone to hang onto your waist while you ride. You could do well, showing off your amazing skills at riding. Or you could end up splat in the road because the weight shift on the bike has thrown off your senses. Most people don’t understand how to be a good riding passenger, either, so you need to be the smart one.
    Riding safely on the road is as important on a bike as it is in a ten-tonne lorry. Don’t be an idiot – be safe, look good and stay alive.


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