2018 Honda Accord Touring: The midsize benchmark

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As North Americans continue their infatuation with Crossovers and SUV’s, the midsize sedan segment is in the midst of a decline. Automakers continue their efforts to refine and reinvent in a bid to stay relevant to buyers. But one car that’s withstood and held on strongly is the Honda Accord; For good reason too - it’s a great car. The outgoing Accord was one of the best selling midsize sedans in Canada in its final year on the market. It’s a car that’s always enjoyed a reputation of being a practical, reliable and comfortable jack of all trades. So, does Honda’s brand new Accord continue that legacy? We put it to the test to find out.

The all new Accord immediately draws attention with its elegant liftback-like design. It’s decidedly more conservative than its baby brother, The Civic, which is certainly not a bad thing. This is a family sedan after all; not a youthful sporty compact (or factory street racer in the case of the Type-R.) The new Accord also features some more upscale design features, including LED headlights very reminiscent of Acura’s “Jewel Eye” headlight design and available 19-inch alloy wheels.
The Acura-esque touches continue inside too. Our Touring model was equipped with supple and supportive leather seating and an elegant and ergonomic dashboard with wood trim. Unlike the Civic, the new Accord doesn’t force drivers to fumble through a touchscreen to access basic controls. The great sounding 10-speaker audio system for instance, can have its volume adjusted through a traditional knob instead of touch sensitive buttons, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Higher trim levels add high tech touches to the interior including a heads-up display, wireless device charging and a portable wifi hotspot. 
Visibility and legroom inside the Accord’s redesigned cabin is excellent. Its sweeping exterior can make the rear cramped for taller passengers, but they’ll feel right at home in the front seats. Rear legroom is also very good, but again, with the more sloped rear of the new Accord, taller passengers may find themselves lacking headroom.

For the first time in the Accord’s history, buyers will find themselves without the option of a naturally aspirated engine. Honda has dropped the meaty V6 option and will only offer the Accord with a 1.5L turbo borrowed from the Civic, and a 2.0L turbo based on the engine in the Civic Type-R - but don’t expect it to be anywhere near as extreme. Both engines can be had with an automatic or a manual transmission. The 1.5t, featured in our vehicle, is equipped with a CVT gearbox while the 2.0t features a new, but more traditional 10-speed automatic.

Despite its small size, Honda’s 1.5L engine does an impressive job at keeping up - and overtaking traffic. The engine can be a little loud under stress, but for a car of this stature with an engine of that size, it pulls and responds wonderfully. Paired with Honda’s CVT, the little engine can get fuel ratings as good as 6.8 L/100km. To make it even sweeter, it’ll get by just fine on regular grade gasoline. 
Being a family sedan, don’t expect a canyon carving experience when you take the Accord on a twisting road. But drivers might be surprised at how well it’ll handle a corner. The car is responsive and taut, keeping the driver feeling like they’re in control while the vehicle’s traction and stability control do their work. Our Accord was fitted with numerous safety features including a lane departure warning system, driver alertness monitor and collision alert. The systems are sometimes a bit too sensitive for our liking, but we suspect most drivers will be glad they’re there. If not, it’s easy enough to turn it off at the push of a button.

The new Accord starts at just over $28,000 in Canada. Our tester came in at a much heftier $37,657 - almost $10,000 more. But even in base form, the new Accord still boasts a handsome new look and economic powertrain that should keep drivers and their families happy for years to come. Honda had their work cut out for them replacing the outgoing Accord - and with this new model, they both succeeded and exceeded.

Written by Shane Kalicharan
2018 Honda Accord, Sedan, best selling

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