Car Catches Fire - Who Pays For The Damages?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago
    In Liverpool, the town of birth of the Beatles in England, 2018 started in a somewhat disruptive manner when a massive fire took almost 1,600 vehicles in a car park building. The good news, if you can still talk about good news, is that the dramatic blaze has made no fatalities aside from the cars. With everybody safe, including the several horses who were attempting the Liverpool International Horse Show nearby, it’s a relief for the local population. However, it opens an essential question for car owners, namely, what are you to do when your car or the car next to yours catches fire? There is naturally no need to repeat it: If you find yourself in a situation where you see flames in or under a parked or driving vehicle, you need to exit the car immediately. If you have a fire extinguisher with you and if you are confident about the type of fire, you should use it. However, the priority is to get yourself to safety. But what happens if the vehicle is destroyed by the flames or if the fire causes further damages? 

    Who is liable for damages and injuries? 
    In the case where you suffered damages in a car fire that was no fault of yours, you may be able to claim compensations through a legal approach. Indeed, if you were injured as the result of a fire due to the other driver’s fault, you should be able to claim your medical bills through an auto accident attorney. You can also discuss the possibilities of lifelong compensations for severe injuries. Similarly, material damages to your property or your vehicle, in the case of a proven fault by the other driver, can be financially sorted out in court. However, when there is no evidence of human error, the cost of damages and repairs will be treated by most home, health and car insurances. Nevertheless, you can still use the advice of an experienced solicitor!  

    Why do cars catch fire? 
    As most cars contain electrical and fuel-based elements, they naturally come with a risk of fire hazard. Most investigators can trace back all blaze situations to the combination of three causes, namely human errors, mechanical causes and chemical issues. While some situations are unavoidable, such as the engine overheating due to a manufacturer’s fault – you are likely to recover all costs through your insurance and with the support of a lawyer to present your claim to the manufacturer – good knowledge of your car can save you a lot of troubles and flames in the long term. Knowing how your vehicle works and how to maintain it can indeed help you to identify small issues before they cost you your car or your life. As vehicle fires account for 20% of all fire cases, it’s essential to take your car maintenance seriously and monitor wiring and electric systems – that includes batteries in e-vehicles! 

    In short, there is no direct response to the liability behind a vehicle fire. From design flaws to accidentally spilling fuel down the wrong hole, there is an almost infinite number of combinations behind the sparkle that causes the blaze. But the bottom line is that if you take care of your vehicle, you can be assured that your interests are protected. Anything else is a matter for insurances and legal advisors. 

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