Five Must Have Car Safety Features in 2018

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago
    We all want our cars to keep us safe on the road, no matter what the conditions are. The latest models now come with advanced safety features, suitable for families that enjoy road trips with kids, and drivers who like off-roading. No matter which car you choose as your next vehicle, you should consider safety as one of the most important factors. From Honda’s Safety Sense to Nissan’s suite and Volvo’s advanced reliability, there is a driver assistance system for everyone. 

    1. Lane Departure Warning?
    When going on long road trips, we all get tired, Having kids arguing in the back doesn’t help. A new car with lane departure warning can help us notice when we sway out of the lane and get back in position before it is too late. Some systems give a visual warning, while others will have an audio or even vibration notification whenever the car leaves its designated lane. 

    2. Cross Traffic Monitoring?
    It is hard to keep on all the mirrors at all the time. If you would like to get some help and get extra reassurance before changing lanes on the highway, you can benefit from this system. The technology helps you avoid accidents on highways and country roads, as well as in heavy city traffic. If you don’t fully trust your judgment all the time, or would like a second opinion, you need to make sure that your next car has this feature. 

    3. Rear Backup Camera
    No wonder drivers like this safety feature, and backup cameras are becoming more popular each year. Instead of a rear view mirror, you can get a multi angle view of what is going on behind the car. This feature is extremely useful when you are trying to complete a maneuver when dropping kids off in school in peak hour. You will have a better chance of spotting children, cars emerging, and even bikes. 

    4. Parking Assistance?
    If you hate parking, this system is a must-have. Parking assist cars can literally park themselves to your selected spot, without you having to worry about space and timing. They also do it much faster than humans. In case you get intimidated if other cars are waiting for you to get into the parking space, you will love this driver assistance option. While the feature is optional on most models, some high-end trims have it as a standard. 

    5. Tire Pressure Monitoring?
    Many cars keep you safe on the road by checking oil levels, tire pressure, and brake efficiency. The information is recorded on the car’s computer, and if you need to prove you were not at fault, your car accident attorneys can retrieve the information. If you can prove that you were traveling at the right speed, and there was nothing wrong with your car, you have a better chance of winning the claim and getting a compensation. 

    Make sure that your next car matches your expectations of safety, security, and driver assistance, so you can make the most out of every mile, without having to constantly worry about the possibility of an accident. 


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