A Slice Of AmeriCARna: Classic American Vehicles To Make You Gasp

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago
    There are certain makes and models of car which will always be among the favorites, and which everyone would agree would be great to have on your own driveway. Tastes might differ somewhat in the specifics, but generally there are some modules which you can’t really argue about, and that is what we are interested in today. In today’s article, we are going to look at some of the most popular classic cars that are out there, and what it is that actually makes them so great. If you have been thinking of splashing out on something a little fancy, or you are just keen to know how your tastes line up with others’ then read on. Here are some of the best classic cars which you can’t really argue with.

    Chevrolet Corvette
    We’ll start with something that you might consider a muscle car - but not one of those that tend to belong to fringe groups. Instead, this one is the kind that you can expect anyone to enjoy, and there is no great surprise that it is also one of the most expensive vehicles that you can possibly ever buy. The Chevrolet Corvette began life in the high ranks, and it is still one of the most favored, often coming in at the top ten of favorite cars around the world. So what is it that makes this car so special, and why does it have the kind of price tag it tends to have?
    Well, as it happens, although they are pricey, they are generally considered to be the best bang for your buck anyway, given the kind of sheer power, force and attractiveness they tend to give you. If you thought that this was the kind of vehicle which nobody would possibly go for anymore, think again: l;asdt year alone there were around 30,000 new registrations for the Corvette, so it is clearly the kind of vehicle that will always remain dear to people’s hearts. If you have never seen one in the flesh, you might find it hard to appreciate why it might be so popular, but the truth is that it takes seeing one to understand it. No matter what, this is one muscle car which will always remain a popular one, and if you ever get the chance just to ride in one, you should definitely catch up that offer.

    Dodge Charger
    A quick perusal of the history of the Dodge Charger will tell you that this is one vehicle which has always been popular, since the very first moment of its inception. Initially designed to provide a more aerodynamic structure to a more traditional American shape, it proved to do just that, and it was also immediately favored for its quick speed and specially perfected handcling on the roads. As with the Corvette, this is easily to be considered a muscle car, but it might not be obvious immediately from just looking at it first time. However, a spin in this ride will prove that it does indeed have muscle, and it is one of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to get around on the roads.

    What we have with the classic Dodge Charger is a large car that feels as though it has the agility of a much smaller one - something which is always going to ensure that many people keep returning to it, as it makes for a more pleasing driving experience overall. These days you can also get the Charger in a range of formats, and it’s likely that you might even find it to be surprisingly affordable, given the reputation it has as being one of the most popular classics of all time. Given all that, this is one of the ultimate all-round classic cars, and the kind that most people would be thrilled to drive at least once in their lives.

    Ford Mustang
    No list of classic cars would be complete without at least a passing mention of the Ford Mustang - and indeed, many of these lists would have the Mustang as the very top every time. Whether or not it is literally the number one is, of course, up for debate, but there is no doubt that it is the kind of car which everyone can truly appreciate in some way or another. Part of the reason for that is that it just offers so much in a relatively small package - and not a bad price tag for what it is, either. But it’s also something to do with the way that it speaks to a real innate Americana, even more so than many other vehicles in the same kind of class.

    In recent years, Mustang sales have again been rising and rising, so you can be sure that this is one classic car which is not going to lose out on popularity any time soon. However, it is also true that as time goes on, they become more an more expensive, although at the same rate just as much do they become more classic too. With the way that they have a little of everything, it is hardly surprising that so many people are keen to drive a Mustang, even if only for the weekend. If you have never seen a Mustang or can’t picture it, it is exactly what you imagine a classic American car to be. It has all the right aesthetics, it goes a fair distance in a short space of time, and it has those angular and sleek touches which are always so popular among classic American car lovers. It’s the kind of classic that will arguably never leave those ranks, and neither do we want it to.

    The above are just a few examples of some of the best classic American cars, but there are many more besides. However, a spin in any of the above would surely be enough to entice most people to get one for themselves. If you are keen on these, seek them out by all means - but expect to pay a price.


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