The Best Vehicles for New Drivers

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 10 months ago
    Learning to drive is a long and costly journey. Lesson prices are at an all-time high, you have to learn vast quantities of theoretical information for your driving theory test, and even more to take in when it comes to the practical side of being behind the wheel. So, once you do pass, it’s not all too surprising that you’re going to want to get a vehicle of your own as quickly as possible. While you may be eager, chances are that you don’t really know what you should be looking for. You’ve been using the same learner vehicle for a while, but will want something that suits you more as an individual. At the same time, you have to consider insurance costs (which are almost always higher for new drivers), running costs, and value for money. But not to worry, that’s where we can come in to help. Here are a couple of our favourite cars for people who have recently passed their test!

    New or Used?

    The first thing that you need to decide on when buying a vehicle is whether you want something that is new or used. There are various things to take into consideration here, as both options have their pros and cons. New vehicles will be entirely your own. They will be in perfect condition, have zero mileage until you take to the road in them, and will inevitably look a lot better than a used vehicle. However, your skills are new and you may have a few bumps and scrapes here and there. These will make a much bigger difference to the overall value of a new vehicle than an older, used one. Older vehicles tend to be cheaper, which is always a plus. However, you may need some Auto Repair work carried out on them, as you can never be entirely sure how their previous owner treated the vehicle in the past. The answer to this part of your buying process is entirely down to personal preference!

    Toyota Aygo

    So, let’s get onto some vehicles that might take your fancy, starting with the Toyota Aygo. This is a compact vehicle that is ideal for city use. The only engine option for this car is a 1.0 litre, but this may be preferable for a new driver who wants an easy purchase without too much to choose between. A 1.0 engine is also entirely sufficient for the short trips that new drivers are likely to make. It’s a pretty standard vehicle without standout features: it has average comfort, average handling, and average performance. But this is perfect for a first vehicle where you’re still getting used to the roads! You can pretty much guarantee that it will come hand in hand with no nonsense and no fuss!

    Hyundai i10

    The Hyundai i10 is another brilliant car for beginners. It has a few more options than the Toyota Aygo, for example, the choice between a one-litre engine and 1.2-litre engine so is better for those who want a little more flexibility and personalisation. Again, it is ideal for cities, manoeuvring bending city roads well. It is also compact, which makes parking in tight spaces much more simple.

    These are just a couple of new vehicles for new drivers to consider. There are plenty more out there, so just remember what you’re looking for: something simple, compact, and easy to handle!


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