5 Reasons Why The Mini Cooper 2-Door Still Makes A Big Impact For New Drivers

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    Buying a car is exciting at any stage of your life. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that the excitement is at its peak when purchasing your first vehicle. With so many wonderful options out there, finding the perfect solution doesn’t seem easy. However, a Mini Cooper 2-Door is probably one of the first models that you’ll consider. In truth, there’s plenty of reasons to make it the last one too. 
    The car might be small, but it still packs a hell of a punch for being a stylish icon. Here are just five reasons why it may be the winning solution for you. 
    #1. Price 
    It’s impossible to think about your first car purchase without thinking about the financial implications. At the lower end of the range, a Mini Cooper 2-Door will only cost around $21k brand new. Meanwhile, used models that still have plenty of life left in them can be sourced for a very reasonable sum. Even if some of that cash is spent on future tech upgrades, you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck. As a new driver, this is vital. 
    #2. Easy Maintenance 
    As a relatively new road user, the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed by huge amounts of maintenance work. Make no mistake; it still pays to have the help of a reliable auto repair team by your side. As for ongoing daily care, though, the Mini requires minimal work. Keep the fluids topped up, and you won’t go far wrong. If issues do surface, the popularity of the brand means that experts will have experience of fixing those issues.   

    #3. Well Equipped 
    The Mini Cooper is a very practical car with regards to technology. Assuming your model is relatively new, it will boast the necessary items like sat navs and Bluetooth speakers. However, it won’t bombard you with unnecessary gadgets that could leave you feeling confused. Aside from being great on a functional level, it could signal great news from a financial standing too. Most importantly, though, it will leave you feeling comfortable behind the wheel from day one. 
    #4, Easy Parking 
    Even after passing your test, it can take several months to get fully used to driving. As an inexperienced and potentially unconfident driver, the benefits of a small car are huge. This is especially true when it comes to parking. Whether you have sensors or not, even getting into the small spaces needn’t be a problem. It might not seem like a major incentive right now, but you’ll certainly appreciate it in reality. 
    #5. Environmental Impacts 
    Whether it's a standard 1.5l TwinPower engine or another option, your Mini Cooper is unlikely to harm the planet to the same level as other vehicles. Aside from being a great feature for the environmentally conscious road users, it can reduce car tax costs. Alternatively, the Electric hybrid version offers an even greener drive. One way or another, the Mini is still a fantastic choice for the reasons and so much more. 

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