Newly-Appointed Designated Driver? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago
    If you’ve recently been appointed as the designated driver in your group of friends, then you’re probably wondering how you can best perform your role to ensure that everyone in your car has a great time and a safe trip back to their homes. To help you out, we’ve put together a couple of useful tips and things to keep in your mind (and your car!) to ensure that you’re the best designated driver you and your friends have ever had.

    Car Safety

    Although you’re going to be sober, you’ll have one major problem that will pose a risk to everyone in the vehicle: distractions. Your drunk friends might be shouting, screaming, singing and generally distracting you from driving. This is why it’s important to equip your vehicle with the latest car safety features that will assist you whenever you’re driving out at night.

    Barf Bags and Other Essentials

    Always keep a bag of essentials such as sick bags, painkillers and even a few bottles of water to help look after your passengers. You can keep these in a small container or bag in your glovebox or you can just place it in the back so your friends have easy access to it.

    Avoid Drinking Alcohol

    This is obvious, but it’s difficult as a designated driver to avoid alcohol especially if your friends are getting rowdy and they’re asking you to drink. If you do have a drink, make sure you wait for a while before you get back on the road. You can use this calculator to determine your blood alcohol levels so that you can be 100% sure that the police won’t stop and fine you for driving while under the influence. Alternatively, you can step out for a while to get some fresh air whenever your friends ask you for a drink. Sooner or later, they’ll accept your role of designated driver and they’ll stop pestering you to drink on a night out.

    Taking Extra People in the Car

    Say no to taking any extra people back with you or giving them a ride back to their home if you don’t have enough seatbelts. Squeezing four people into the back might sound like fun but it’s ultimately a safety hazard and you will be stopped by police especially if it’s dark. If you want to carry more passengers, invest in a larger car and play it safe. If you’re planning on meeting new people and potentially going to an afterparty together, then consider renting a van or a large vehicle instead of taking your own one.

    Set and Enforce Your Rules

    As the driver, it’s your vehicle and it’s your rules. Give your friends your own set of rules such as no music (it creates distractions), only one food stop, no drinks in the car, seat belts always on and so on. Just make sure these rules are set before you head out and enforce them so that your friends understand how serious you are. This is not only just for your sanity, but also for their safety. Be prepared to get into an argument or two with your friends regarding your rules!


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