The USA Of Used Cars, But Is That Bad?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 11 months ago
    There are 1.1 billion used cars on the world’s roads. Of those 1 billion, 250 million belong to the good old United States of America. USA! USA! USA! It’s easy to see why this could be a bad thing. For starters, second-hand models are more dangerous, less fuel-efficient and worse for the economy. Plus, having a quarter of a billion used vehicles on the roads is bound to lead to congestion and traffic jams. So, should the US of A get them off of the highways?

    Below are four reasons why the federal and state governments may want to take a step back.


    New motors have everything a driver needs, from an ABS to adjustable airbags and seatbelts. In theory, this should make brand new models almost infallible, but the stats paint a different picture. Across the pond, reports how nearly 33% of new vehicles crash within 57 days. The reason is unfamiliarity mixed with too many gadgets. As a result, the car is hard to navigate and is overbearing, and that leads to crashes. Second-hand models are painfully basic and don’t include many driver distractions. Therefore, they result in fewer accidents of this type and keep ER rooms from overfilling.


    Even when used cars are involved in accidents, it doesn’t mean the die is cast. Yes, there is a stigma which states second-hand vehicles are less safe, and there is truth in that statement. After all, they don’t include the same number of features that can prevent an accident. However, they aren’t death traps wrapped in metal that can reach speeds of 100mph. CBS has the 2012 Honda Accord as its midsize pick as a vehicle collision expert tested it well and it handles like a dream. Plus, it spacious and roomy, perfect for teens that carpool with their friends.


    Just imagine if you had to buy a new car every time the old one broke down. On average, it would cost $20,000 to $30,000 once every four or five years, which is an extravagant amount. Indeed, most people can’t afford basic repairs such is the cost of living. Thankfully, second-hand motors provide everyday, ordinary Americans with a viable alternative. Some are as high as $10,000, whereas others can cost less than $1,500. And, the price doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be a heap of junk. Within that price range, there is an amount that is affordable for millions of people across the country.

    The Environment

    Don’t believe the myth that used cars are bad for the planet. According to Scientific American, they’re more eco-friendly than new models for various reasons. The first is fuel-efficiency. A well-maintained, second-hand vehicle will get plenty of miles to the gallon. As a result, it should release fewer emissions into the air and help protect the Ozone Layer. Secondly, manufacturers have been phasing in diesel engines and they are not environmentally-friendly. And, last but not least, there’s less supply chain pollution. 

    What do you think now? Is the USA of used cars a good or a bad thing?


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