5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Scamming You

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 10 months ago
    Garage trips to get your car fixed and maintained are important for any road user. However, for someone who isn't as clued up on cars, it begs the question: is this mechanic going to scam me? This does happen. Not all mechanics are scammers, but some of them will try to get you to spend more than you need to on repairs that you don’t need. If you're worried you could be getting scammed, below you’ll find 5 signs to look out for that should help you figure out what’s what:

    1. The Mechanic Isn’t Willing To Show You Your Old Parts
    It’s within your right to see the old parts if your mechanic is trying to tell you that it needs to be replaced, for whatever reason. They should either show you when they’ve taken it out of your car or take a picture and send it to you. If they are unwilling to do this and have lots of excuses, it probably didn’t need to be replaced in the first place. 

    2. The Repair Is Going To Take A Long Time
    If you ask how long the repair is going to take and they tell you a week or longer, it could be time to insist that you’re taking your car elsewhere. They may be trying to rack up the hours spent on your car so they can overcharge you for whatever it is they’re doing. 

    3. You Feel Bullied
    You should never feel bullied into using a certain garage when you need auto repair. If you feel like something is wrong, it could be worth having the car towed to another garage and then getting a second opinion. It might seem like a hassle, but it could save you money and trouble in the long run. Plus, you don’t want to give in to bullies! They may try to guilt you by saying things like ‘I can’t let you drive away in that’ or even ‘I wouldn’t drive my kids in that’. Don’t fall for this emotional blackmail! 

    4. They Tell You ‘It’s Complicated’
    If a mechanic tries to tell you that you won’t understand or that something is too complicated for you, they’re likely lying. It’s easy enough to simplify and break down what’s going on with your car. Car repairs are expensive, so it’s important they tell you what you’re going to be spending your money on. 

    5. The Quote Seems Way Off
    There are websites that can tell you how much to expect certain repairs to be, based on what model your car is. If the quote seems way too high, you’re likely getting scammed. If it seems too low, don’t be fooled either. They may not be giving you a good deal. They may simply be using cheap parts that mean more repairs pretty soon down the line. 

    Is your mechanic scamming you? Make sure you keep a look out for the signs, and once you’ve found a trustworthy mechanic, don’t let them go. Usually, the best way to find one is to ask your friends and family and see who gets the most recommendations. 


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