Handy Tips To Help Anybody Improve Their Gas Mileage

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago
    So, you want to improve your gas mileage? This can be a substantial drain on your finances if you’re not careful You might think you’re doing everything you can to save a buck or two, but when you read through this list you might actually realize that there are a few things you can do to save even more money. Read on for some handy tips anybody can use to improve their gas mileage:

    Don’t Try To Be A Formula One Racer
    The worst thing you can do while driving is hitting the accelerator like you’re a formula one racer, or in the Fast and Furious franchise. It’s a fact that the faster you drive, the more fuel you’re burning. Of course you need to stick to the speed limit, but it’s important to bear in mind that driving at a steadier pace can help you to save a lot of money and fuel. 

    Reduce The Need To Pump The Brakes
    If you're driving faster most of the time, chances are, you’re going to need to hit the brakes more than if you’re driving a little steadier. There are numerous reasons you may need to hit the brakes more. The more you can avoid using the brakes, the more gas you’ll save. It would be silly to say you can cut this out completely - you’re not a fire engine driver. However, paying attention to the road ahead of you, as well as other drivers and pedestrians around you should help you to make better decisions and reduce pushing the brakes so much. 

    Stick To The Recommended Fuel Type
    Sticking to the recommended fuel type for your vehicle is a must. Make sure you pay attention at the pump, as many people have zoned out, put the wrong fuel in, and experienced serious problems with their car soon after. You don’t want to have to pay a huge bill to your mechanic because you made a silly mistake like this! 

    Don’t Wait Until You’re Running Low To Refuel
    There are still people out there who don’t refuel their car until they are dangerously low on gas. Some even wait until the light has been on for a few days before refueling, trusting that their vehicle will still get them from A-B. It’s a risky game to play. Your vehicle may be taking you where you want to go for now, but over the long term, this is going to cause more issues. Your car ends up running off the dregs of fuel left in the tank, and this fuel is bad for the engine. Keep your car topped up to a reasonable level at all times. 

    Watch The Weight In Your Vehicle
    The heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel it’ll use. This means you need to make sure you watch the weight in your vehicle - that includes things you put in the trunk. You can’t help it when you’re going to pick up a piece of furniture or doing your food shop, but make sure you don’t have any unnecessary weight in the car at other times. You can fit a lot in luxury hybrids, but that doesn’t mean you should keep heavy things in them when you don’t need to take them with you. Be smart and empty your vehicle after each day. 

    Remove The Roof Rack
    Having a roof rack on your vehicle creates drag and affects the aerodynamics. You want to reduce drag on your vehicle as much as possible, so get rid of that roof rack and only have it there when you actually need to use it. 

    Keep Your Tyres At The Correct Pressure
    Make sure you do regular checks of your tyres to ensure they are at the correct pressure, and fill them up when necessary. If you’re unsure what they should be, it will say in your vehicle handbook or somewhere near the tyres. Teaching yourself how to do this is important if you haven’t already. 

    Avoid Idling For A Long Time
    If you sit in your car with the engine running for a long time, you not only release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; you waste half a gallon to a gallon of fuel each hour. If you’re picking somebody up or have another reason to sit in your stationary car, make sure you turn off the engine so you can save fuel and money. 

    Drive In A High Gear Without Stressing Your Engine 
    You don’t want to stress out your engine, but you do want to make sure you drive in a high gear as often as possible. Driving in the highest gear you can drive in helps you to save more fuel in the long run. 

    Refuel Your Car Early In The Morning 
    This is one that even seasoned drivers don't always know about - garages don’t measure the amount of fuel they give you, they simply measure flow. Fuel tends to expand as it gets warmer (later on in the day) so although you may put the same amount in in the morning and in the evening, you could end up getting at least 2.5% more in the morning! This will really add up over time. 

    Take It Easy On The Air Conditioning 
    Sometimes the air conditioning is needed, but it can be better to have the windows open in some instances instead. Have the air conditioning on when you’re on the highway, not the windows open. Having the windows open increases drag, as we discussed earlier. It’s best to have your air conditioning on on those hot days when you’re driving steadily instead.

    These handy tips can help just about anybody to improve their gas mileage, so try them out and see how they help you. You could find that you’re adding much less car to your fuel than you’re used to over a period of time, and that you’re making fewer trips to fill up your car. Are there any tips here you were unaware of? Leave a comment! 


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