7 Ways Your Car Can Be Eco-Friendly

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 8 months ago
    Cars are one of those things in life that are a necessity for a lot of people. Commuters, parents, and even those who go long distances to see family and friends all benefit from the use of a car. The problem is that cars are a hindrance to the environment. They aren’t particularly friendly to the environment and so far, the majority of cars run on petrol or diesel – definitely not environmentally healthy. Car pollution is one of the biggest causes of global warming, so it’s a good thing that we are now living in a time where eco-friendly hybrid or electric cars are being created.
    Technology has advanced quite a bit in the past five decades. We may not be onto the stage where our cars are flying through the city skies, but we are living in a time we are able to charge our cars outside our homes. Unfortunately, it’s not always economically practical to go out and buy the latest Tesla creation, and many people now rent their homes rather than own them, so installing an electric car charger isn’t always feasible. The good news is that if you can’t afford a hybrid vehicle no the cost of OEM parts when the cars have issues, you don’t have to. There are a lot of ways that you can now make your car eco-friendly, regardless of the make and model. We’ve got seven of these for you below.
    Tires. How often are you checking your tire pressure? Probably not as often as you should be, right? Under-inflated tires can do so much damage to your car, as they don’t move as quickly or as efficiently as those at the right level of inflation. This means that your engine is working a lot harder to keep the car moving forward at a good pace, and it means that your car is putting out far more energy and fuel than necessary. Boosting your fuel economy can be done by simply maintaining the correct pressure in your tires at all times.
    Overcrowding. The more your car weighs, the more it guzzles fuel; it’s why large four by four cars are usually looked at to be the worst for the environment. If you are overcrowding your car with bags and other luggage, you’re going to notice the amount of fuel that you are using going up. So, rather than ripping out the backseats and removing the spare tire and first aid kit from the trunk, try not overloading with luggage and bags when you’re going on a journey.
    Air Conditioning. It’s a beauty of the modern world, air conditioning, especially if you are living in a hot place. It’s very hard not to click on that air conditioning button when the car is roasting hot in the summer months, but it’s not a good thing for the environment if you do. Car engines have a tendency to surge when the air conditioning is switched on. This surge leads to a higher fuel consumption. It may be something that helps the world around you, but it’s an inevitability that you will switch on the air conditioning at some point in your car’s life. You can roll down the windows to let air flow through the vehicle while you’re driving, but make sure they’re up on the motorways. You don’t need to be dragged down on the way to work.

    Regular Check-Ups. Like you, your car is constantly on the go and will need you to take the time to perform regular check ups of your vehicle. This will mean that you are able to see whether any of the fuel components need to be replaced. This can mean the pump, filter and fuel lines need a check and as part of your normal maintenance, you need to ensure that your car’s filter is flushed through every 30,000 miles. Whenever you smell a fuel leak, always get it checked regardless of whether your check is due.
    Your Skills. The way that you drive your car can make a massive difference to the performance of the vehicle itself. Always try to get from A to B with the shortest and most efficient distance, so that you are not burning fuel for longer than is necessary. Driving in a manner where you are constantly accelerating aggressively or stopping too quickly can have a detrimental effect on the environment around you. Try not to leave your car standing on idle for too long, and wherever you can you should use cruise control to maintain steady speed.
    Tune Ups. Cars require regular tune ups to look at the oil, emissions and spark plugs. Oil in a car does need changing and should be done every 4-5000 miles or so on the odometer. Older, viscous oil becomes a problem for the internal systems in a car, which makes it far harder for your car to run in the way that you want it to. When you have a fresh change of oil, you are ensuring that your car moves more in the way that it should rather than work too hard to keep up with itself. Your spark plugs are what ignites the air and fuel in the engine. Broken spark plugs equal a broken engine that won’t function. They do break, so it’s up to you to ensure that you book in for a tune up to check whether or not they are on their way out.
    Fill Right. Did you know the way that you fill up your car can affect the world around you? It does make a difference when topping up the tank after the pump stops, as this can damage your car and increase the likelihood of harmful vapours escaping your car.
    Your vehicle is yours to pay for, but it’s going to have an effect on everyone on the road around you. Be kind to the environment, and you’re going to be part of the change when it comes to fuel economy.


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