The 5 Costliest Mistakes People Make When Getting Their Car Repaired

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago

    Need to get repairs done on your car? Getting your vehicle fixed up can be expensive but necessary, however many people spend more than is necessary by making simple blunders. Before you leave your vehicle with a mechanic, make sure you haven’t made any of these common and costly mistakes.

    Not shopping around

    Car repair prices aren’t universal and you could save a huge amount by shopping around. Some repair centres may offer discounts to new customers or payment instalment schemes to help make costs more manageable. If anything, collecting quotes can often allow you to negotiate a price match with your preferred repair centre. Try to read reviews and testimonials online – some of the cheapest repair centres may be making up for a bad reputation and you could end up coming home with a botch job, which will only cost you more in the long run.

    Paying for a temporary hire car

    Hire cars are often expensive – unless you physically need a car, you should avoid paying for one. Some insurers offer a free hire car in the event of an accident, which can be worth looking into. There are even some auto repair companies that offer hire cars for free. Try to look into these freebies so that you’re not having to fork out more money.

    Saying no to preventative maintenance

    Many of us are guilty of this when getting our car serviced – we only repair what is necessary and put up with the minor faults. However, if you have no plans on getting a new car soon, it could be worth investing in preventative repairs to fix these small faults – eventually they’ll turn into big faults and the cost of repair could be a lot more expensive (often other parts will get damaged as a knock-on result as when a worn cam belt snaps or a worn brake pad starts to wearing down the tire). Mechanics will be able to tell you which parts are damaged and likely to cause trouble in the future.

    Getting repairs before an insurance claim is accepted

    If you’re hoping to get repair costs covered by your insurer, make sure that your claim has been accepted first before seeking repairs. Some insurers may ask for further evidence such as photos of the damage a couple days after you’ve made a claim. If you’ve already started to get your vehicle repaired, the damage may no longer be there to photograph and the insurer may then reject you.  Always wait until your insurer has confirmed that you’ll be getting your money so that you don’t end up paying for accident repairs that weren’t your fault out of your own pocket.

    Repairing when it’s time to scrap

    If your car seems to be cursed with faults and you’re constantly making trips back and forth to the mechanics, weigh up whether its really worth paying for further repairs. It could be time to buy another vehicle that isn’t going to cause you as much of a headache. There are some companies that allow you to scrap your vehicle for cash. Buying a new car may sound initially more expensive, but could be a better investment in the long run.

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