Keep Calm and Carry on Driving: Reduce Test Day Nerves With These Tips

Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago
Passing your driving test is the best feeling, and something most of us remember for years to come. That moment when you know that all of your hard work, time and money has paid off is always a cause for celebration. Here are some of the things you can do to reduce test day nerves and put yourself in the best position to get that pass. 
Feel as Ready as You Can Be

As with any kind of test, the more prepared you are the more confident you can be going into it. While nerves will always make you doubt if you’ve done enough as the day gets closer, overall you should have a good sense that you know what you’re doing. This means practicing enough, so doing enough lessons and going over the things you’re not comfortable with. This article explains more, you can check it out here. Even if you’re not perfect, you will know how to control the car safely and know how the roads work. Don’t try and rush your test, it will only lead to multiple failures that can be disheartening. If you’re rushing for the sake of saving money too, this can actually have the opposite effect since driving tests are expensive, especially when you’re having to repeat lots of times. While most of us will have a really ‘bad’ driving lesson close to our test where it seems like we’re getting everything wrong, for the most part your lessons should be smooth and going well before you book so you know that you’re ready. 

Remind Yourself It’s Not The End of the World

When you’re taking your driving test, it really can feel like failing is the end of the world. This can put so much unnecessary pressure on you, which in turn can lead to bad driving. You can gain a lot by sitting down and putting things into perspective. If you fail your driving test, nothing at all bad is going to come of it. Sure, it’s frustrating and costs money, but it’s not life or death. Unlike with your school exams, it’s not a case of you only getting one chance to re-sit until you’re stuck with your grades forever. These really are important as your results can affect what higher education you can do or the job you can get. Driving on the other hand, you can take that test as many times as you need. If you’re genuinely ready for your test but fail on one or two small things, you really can use this experience to do better and nail it the next time. 

Try Medication and Anxiety Busters

Feeling calm and relaxed and in a positive state of mind will put you in the best position to drive well and pass your test. Just about everyone will feel some nerves when they reach the test centre it’s only natural, but finding ways to relax and sit with the feelings without them overwhelming you is key. On the run up to test day, try meditation which can clear your mind and reduce stress. Try over the counter medicine for anxiety such as Kalms and Rescue Remedy. Practice breathing techniques and visualization to give yourself a sense of calm before you get into the car. 

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