Things That Could Go Really Wrong on a Road Trip

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago
    For some people, the ultimate vacation is taking a road trip, and in the US there is no shortage of brilliant road trips to take. Stopping at different places, just to please yourself. Traveling at your own pace, they certainly can be a brilliant vacation, until something goes wrong.

    Losing Your Way

    You would think that with all the technology available today it would be impossible to get lost. But what if you are in an area with no Internet service? What if your phone battery had run out? What if your app is out of date or there are road works causing a diversion? Relying solely on technology when in countryside you do not know is a mistake. You should always take old-fashioned paper maps with you as a back up, as they could be the only way of finding exactly where you are.

    Plan The Gas Stations to Avoid Running Out Of Fuel

    This might seem unnecessary, but do you know how many miles a full tank of fuel will take you, and if there is a gas station before you reach that limit? You should always keep your tank topped up when you are on a road trip, or driving through some mountains you may just find you run out of fuel. There will always be a garage somewhere that will get fuel to you, but with the cost of their time and traveling, it will be very expensive.

    Buy Roadside Assistance In Case Of Mechanical Problems

    Even the best maintained cars can suddenly develop a mechanical problem, or suffer something like a burst tire. The cost of repairs can be very expensive, and if your car needs to be transported home it could cost a small fortune.  In the US, roadside assistance policies cover every expense concerned with a mechanical breakdown including a towing service, impound fees, lost keys, flat batteries, windscreens, tires and repairs. You can buy a roadside assistance policy either directly from one of the companies that offer the service or as an attachment to your road insurance. Whichever way you decide, it is well worth it for peace of mind.

    Having Nowhere to Stay

    One of the pleasures of a road trip vacation is the freedom it gives. Not having to reach a certain point at a particular time is all part of the fun. If you want to stay somewhere longer than you originally planned, you will be able to. But what happens if you reach a place that has nowhere for you to stay?

    You could very easily see a small town on the map and head for that to find that it is purely residential, with no hotels or other types of lodgings, even just for one night. Before you decide how far tour travels will be for the day, research the availability of accommodation. It could be that just a few miles before or after where you have stopped there is no shortage of places to put your head down for the night.

    Keep Within The Law

    Different states can have different rules and regulations for road users. Always pay attention to any signs and keep within the speed limits. As well as being safer, if you are traveling through strange terrain, the last thing you want is to be hauled off to the local police station when a little more care could have avoided it.

    Having Goods Stolen

    If your car is loaded up for a road trip it is going to be very obvious to any would be thief. Try to keep as much stuff as you can in the trunk, and if there are things that must be in the car, keep them covered. Never leave any valuables in the care when you leave it. Having a bag or wallet stolen can be a disaster, and could put an end to your road trip vacation.


    You cannot control how other drivers behave and no matter how careful you are accidents happen. Make sure before you set out that you road insurance is all in order, and then when traveling if you are uncertain of anything, stop in a safe place and ask. It is far better to seek advice than to blindly cut across several lanes because you are not sure where you should be.

    Road trips can be a wonderful experience for people of all ages, and as the disasters that can happen along the way, the secret is to be as prepared as possible.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for motorcyclists

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