Protect Your Car On The Roads This Summer

Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago
Summer is here and roads around the world are buckling under the heat. Of late, record temperatures of 105 degrees have been recorded in North America. Meanwhile, in Australia, melting roads have damaged multiple cars and roads in the UK have been treated by gritters as tarmac hits 123 degrees Fahrenheit. When the weather is scorching, it’s essential you keep your car cool, but steps should also be taken to protect your car in the blistering heat.

Mind the paintwork

The sun’s strong and harmful UV rays can damage your vehicle’s paintwork, just as they damage human skin. Over time, these rays oxidize and cause paintwork to fade, leaving your car looking worse for wear. So avoid driving and parking it in direct sunlight wherever possible. Instead, put it in the garage and grab a cab, the tube or walk to your destination. If you have no choice but to leave it out on the road in the sun, be sure to wash your vehicle regularly, hand dry it and always use a high-quality wax on the exterior to protect it and to maintain its condition.

Check the battery

Experts state that summer is the worst time for car batteries and that more fail during this season than any other. In fact, the summer heat can kill a vehicle’s battery up to 33% faster than cold winter weather and completely corrode it. Before you head out on the road, check your battery and the battery case for signs of wear and tear. You should also ensure you regularly flush the cooling system with fresh coolant as old coolant becomes acidic, will damage your engine’s components and cause it to overheat, thus shortening the battery’s life.

Keep your tires road safe

With the bitumen on hot roads capable of damaging tires, as 50 motorists in Australia recently experienced, it’s essential that you take precautions to protect one of your vehicle's most vital parts. When you’ve picked up a used vehicle, a tire inspection is a must and you should check that the tires on your new set of wheels are in good condition, roadworthy and are capable of withstanding the summer heat. Once you’re out on the on the road if you discover any melted road particles have transferred onto your tires, pull over immediately. And, if your car is parked up for several days try to avoid parking it where the tires will be exposed to the sun. It’s also wise to regularly move your vehicle to prevent the tires from drying up and cracking under the pressure of the heat.

A surge in temperatures across the globe has led to many vehicles and roads battling to make it through day to day. While most vehicles are hardy and will make it through the summer, owners should still take precautions to protect their pride and joy from the blazing heat.

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