So, You’re A Graduate Looking To Break Into The Automotive Industry

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago
    The 2017-2018 school year will see colleges and universities award more than 3 million associate, bachelor and master degrees, according to the US Department of Education. Most of the big car manufacturers offer trainee roles to graduates looking to break into the automotive sector, with the likes of Porsche providing a 12 month international trainee program to successful candidates. Whether you dream of a career on the roads or yearn to work behind the scenes, here’s how to ensure you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

    Choose your niche

    The automotive industry is more than just the design and manufacturing process. Within each leading vehicle manufacturer, you’ll find a team dedicated to meeting the company’s business strategies, looking after the staff, engineering the latest software and technology and developing new products. Therefore, it’s important you choose to specialize in the area which you feel you can benefit from the most.

    Know what to expect

    A vast majority of the automotive graduate programs involve international travel, so be prepared to pack up your belongings and train away from home. For many graduates this will be the first time they live away from their parents as 50% of college students opt to live at home to cover the cost of their education, according to the 2017 Sallie Mae’s ‘How American Pays For College’ study. Borrowing funds to further your education is common practice around the world and when you start your graduate training you may still owe cash. Therefore, ensure you utilize your earnings, which will start at around $39,000 per annum, by paying back your debts.

    Don’t give up 

    Competition for graduate jobs is fierce and rejection is probable, but don’t let that get you down. It can take months to be accepted for a role in the automotive industry, with those seeking employment as a mechanical engineer typically applying for 101 positions before being offered one. When you apply for a job with a automotive company, ensure you show a passion for cars as well as the company in your application and subsequent interview by researching the business and reading testimonials from other graduates who have completed a graduate program with them.

    Graduates have a number of sectors within the automotive industry in which they can start a career in. The key is to determine the field you want to grow in as soon as possible and to research the impact of enrolling in a graduate trainee program with a big-name brand. It may take some time to land your dream job working with cars, but when you do you’ll be set up for life.

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