Essentials for Taking to the Road: A Guide for New Drivers

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    Taking to the road as a new driver can be an intimidating experience. Sure, you know what you’re doing - otherwise you wouldn’t have passed your test! But you are engaging with a new practice in a new environment and there are a few things that you should have sorted out before you get behind the wheel and take to the roads independently. Here are a few to consider.


    One of the biggest expenses for new drivers is insurance, but it’s a legal requirement for good reason! Insurance ensures that you are completely covered when taking to the roads. If you were to cause an accident or damage to another’s vehicle or property, your insurance policy will make sure that the costs of repairs and replacements are taken care of. A good policy will also protect your own vehicle and belongings too, meaning you only have to pay an excess to have your own car repaired or replaced. While the cost may be high, there are ways to reduce auto insurance expenses. Browse the market and alter your preferences. Changes such as increasing your voluntary excess or having a black box installed can significantly reduce your rate.

    A Basic Tool Kit

    There are various basic tools that could come in useful if you find that you are having problems with your vehicle - from jump leads to a tire pressure gauge. While you may not know what these things are at the moment, it’s always beneficial to get to know them, their purpose, and how to use them. After all, if you’re going to be driving a vehicle, you should know how it works and how to rectify basic problems. Alternatively, if you carry them with you and a problem does arise, you will have all of the basics on hand for your recovery service or a mechanic to use and get you off the hard shoulder or roadside as quickly as possible.

    A First Aid Kit

    While carrying a first aid kit isn’t a legal requirement in many countries, it is highly advised. After all, you never know when an accident might occur and in minor cases a first aid kit can help to prevent infection of cuts, removal of debris from the eyes, or fast treatment of minor burns. In major cases, they could help to save a life while you wait for the emergency services to arrive. So, keep a fully stocked first aid kit in easy reach for use in both minor incidents and emergency situations. Ensure that it contains the basics such as plasters, bandages, scissors, tape, antiseptic wipes and eye baths.

    A Safety Kit

    Nowadays, you can buy complete car safety kits that contain everything that you could possibly need in terms of basic safety equipment, rather than having to shop around for individual items. This makes things much more convenient. A basic car safety kit should contain an emergency warning triangle, a first aid kit, a small fire extinguisher, a high visibility jacket, and a torch.

    While you should prioritise legal requirements, you should also ensure that you give due attention to tools and equipment that could help in cases of emergency or breakdown too! They could make all the difference to your journey!


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