Think Sun, Think Danger On The Road

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago

    The sun is the most powerful star in our sky. It’s something that ancient civilization always suspected: It’s no wonder that solar deities exist in a variety of cultures. For the Egyptians, Ra, the god of the sun was also the king of all gods. Ra was believed to have created all forms of life by calling them into existence. As a result, Ra, the god with the falcon’s head, was feared and respected at the same time. While we, as a civilization, have moved away from the beliefs of the Ancients, it is fair to say that mythology has got some elements right. The sun is a powerful entity, without which life as we know it wouldn’t be possible. However, too much of it can be devastating. From drought to sunburn, you can’t afford to ignore the dangers of sunlight. As a driver, the sun can lead to serious accidents and illnesses, if you’re not careful. Don’t relax your attention in summer!

    Keeping your family safe in the car

    The months of July and August always register record traffic on the road, as a natural consequence for the summer holiday. Holidaymakers take the road to reach their next destination, whether it is a rental property, the airport, or their local beach. Driving in hot weather, however, is not a piece of cake. If you can plan your trip in advance, do try to avoid rush hours. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam while the sun is high in the sky. Additionally, if you are planning regular stops – either to go shopping or simply to take a break from the road – make a point of not leaving your pets or children in the car, even for a few minutes. The newspapers are filled with stories of toddlers and babies dying from heatstroke in vehicles. It’s not a risk you want to take.

    Beware of sun glare

    Early morning or in the evening, when the sun is rising or setting, you are likely to encounter what is called sun glare. This happens when the sun is at a low angle in the horizon and cause temporary blindness for the people who are looking in its direction, which is likely to happen if you’re driving. While sun glare is a common risk in winter, most drivers tend to forget about when the warm season comes. In reality, the risk of temporary blindness is higher in summer, when you are more likely to drive along the sea or a lake on your way to your vacation spot. Through the reflective surface, the effect of the sun glare can be maximized. You will not be able to see the road for up to 2 seconds, which can be enough to crash into a car or a motorbike. You’ll find that a professional motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to fight your case. Nevertheless, it’s best to drive cautiously and slow down than take risks!

    Hot leather is your worst enemy

    It takes 10 minutes for the temperature of a parked vehicle to increase by 20°. Anyone with leather seats has once experienced the painful experience of sitting on one of those in summer. Ouch only begins to describe it! While the summer heat can damage leather seats and cause them to crack, it also turns them into a torture device. Cars can use sun shades to reflect the sun and protect your interior. Getting your windows tinted also blocks UV rays and helps to reduce the temperature inside. Motorcycle owners should protect their seat from getting damaged. Wrapping the leather seats when you park the vehicle can act as a shield.

    No heatstroke behind the steering wheel

    While most people enjoy the summer weather, when the temperatures get too hot, heat exhaustion can make you feel lousy. You can experience fatigue, which occurs when your blood pressure sinks as a result of prolonged exposure to heat. Aside from fatigue, you might get to struggle with nausea, faintness, headache, hot skin and heavy sweating. When you begin to notice these symptoms, there is no time to waste. Take a break and get hydrated. You should spend some time indoors to relax and let your body cool down.

    Is your air con making you sick?

    A recent study has exposed a number of harmful strands of bacteria – that are associated with septic arthritis, urinary tract infections and meningitis – that lives in your air con system. As the temperatures rise, you want to check your air conditioner before getting infected.

    The monster in the air con

    You can’t afford to ignore the risks of the sun when you’re taking the road. From hot leather seats that leave burn marks to sun glare causing accidents, you need to take your precautions to keep the road safe for you and other drivers.


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