2018 BMW X2 28i xDrive: Bold and beautiful, at a cost

    Posted by Shane Kalicharan about 4 months ago
    Automotive enthusiasts – the persnickety bunch who demand rear-drive, manual transmissions and naturally aspirated, finely tuned engines – have long decried BMW’s X-line of vehicles. But there’s no denying how much money it brings in for the brand who once called themselves The Ultimate Driving Machine. This group of fans would likely scoff at the notion of a front-drive based crossover with a BMW badge that took its underpinnings from the Mini Countryman and the baby X, the X1. While that group of fans isn’t the target market for this brand new X2, even they might be surprised at how good the X1’s new sibling actually is.

    From a styling front, the X2 looks sharp and beautiful. The Galvanic Gold Metallic paint our tester was fitted with is a little polarizing, but it does help show off some of the finer details and lines of the X2’s looks. An array of blacks, whites and silver is also available for those who don’t want such a loud colour. Compared to its X1 sibling, the X2 sits lower, giving it a much sportier and aggressive look. These lines do have a slight drawback however. While you gain style, you also lose some cargo space thanks to the sloping roofline. The BMW badges on the C-pillars harken back to BMW’s stunning E9 coupe of the late 60’s, which was sometimes called the Batmobile when in 3.0CSL trim. The two vehicles are nothing alike otherwise.

    Powering the new X2 is a 2.0L twin-turbo 4-cylinder engine good for 228 horsepower, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Power delivery comes mostly well. There is some turbo lag and a slight delay in shifts, but for everyday driving, the X2 shines. It’s unlikely most owners will be flooring the throttle and carving corners regularly. But if they choose to, the X2 does a surprisingly good job – especially when equipped with the optional M-Sport X Package like our tester was. While much of the changes are seemingly cosmetic, the key feature is the M-Sport suspension, giving the X2 that sporty nature one should expect from a BMW. But bear in mind, that package comes at a $2,250 cost.

    Driving the X2 won’t set your wallet back too far at the pumps. BMW Canada says the car can reach figures as good as 7.7L/100km, which isn’t bad at all given the car’s size and weight. But the bank-breaking happens elsewhere. The X2 starts at a reasonable $42,250 for a base model, but our tester, fitted with the Premium Package, the M-Sport X Package and a number of standalone options, saw the price get pushed all the way to $54,845 – and that’s before taxes, delivery and any other applicable fees.

    Despite the easily increasing cost of the X2, it does inherently feel and look more special than the X1 and Mini that share its platform. The X2’s bold design (and bold colour palate) make it a standout among BMW’s entire X line, and even among the entire brand itself. It’s not perfect, but it drives well, looks beautiful and makes you feel like a million bucks. Sometimes that alone makes it worth the premium.


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