Top Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago
Car accidents are a horrid part of motoring life. No one thinks it will happen to them, but you're unlikely to go many years without some form of mishap occurring - whether you're to blame or not. Of course, you can never make yourself immune, but it is possible to limit the likelihood of being in an accident by making some changes to your own behaviour. Not only will this keep you safer, but it may also save you money- by lowering your car insurance premium. As far as what comes under your control, ensure safe driving conditions within your vehicle and don't allow for any distractions while you're behind the wheel. No matter what you drive, be it a sports coupe, a truck or a van, keeping to these tips can help you become a safer driver and avoid accidents - so you don't have to call a truck accident attorney!

Sign Up For A Black Box

A ‘black box’ or telematics device is something that car insurance providers have been trialling, particularly for younger drivers who don't have a no claims discount. Through a device fitted to the car or an app, it monitors driving habits and patterns to give feedback on safer practices. Not many of us have had our driving critiqued since passing our tests, and it's easy to get into bad habits. The feedback you will receive can help to shape you into better practices which can help you to avoid accidents more effectively. 

Keep Up Car Maintenance

When you were buying a new car, you probably thought through a lot of things - appearance, fuel economy, budget - but did you ever think about maintenance? Good car maintenance can really reduce the chances of an accident - so make sure you keep the tyres fully inflated with air, the oil levels topped up, and make sure the brakes and tyres are kept in good condition. Not maintaining the basics can ultimately lead to a catastrophic loss of performance and cause a serious accident. Buying a new car? Seek out models with a strong rating for safety. Lots now come equipped with accident avoidance technology like parking sensors, driver alertness monitors or built in rear cameras. These can all help to keep you safer when driving.

Check Your Own Wellbeing

The most important factor in all of this is you. Before you step into the car, make sure you are well rested and hydrated. If you're tired or parched your concentration levels and mental focus will suffer, making accidents more likely. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never drink and drive. Even if you only had one drink, it can still impact your judgement so make sure you book a Uber unless you’re happy to stick to orange juice. Also ensure that you aren't taking any prescription drugs that could impair your judgement and reaction times. Don’t risk it, even if you think you feel fine. Complacency has the potential to be devastating, and adopting a safe not sorry approach is the best way to be sure you, your passengers and other road users stay safe.

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