Things Every New Motorcyclist Should Know

Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago
There are many things new motorcyclists should be aware of if they want to stay safe and enjoy their riding. Motorcycle riding can give a feeling of freedom and excitement, but you do not want to put yourself in any danger.

Check Your Bike

Before you go riding, every single time, you need to check that your bike is OK. Are the lights working? Do you brakes work as well as they should? Are the tires OK? Just a general look around to make sure everything is in good order is important before you ride anywhere.

Regular Servicing

A motorbike is a complex piece of machinery that needs to be well maintained. Getting Honda motorcycle parts, for instance, is not a major problem, and regular servicing is very important to keep you and your bike safe. You can learn how to do many things yourself, although having a mechanic check things over every once in a while is vital.

Watch The CC

New motorcycle riders are prone to overestimating the capabilities and often buy a bike that is more than they can handle. All new riders should start with some small, certainly no more than a 600cc. As you get used to the roads and handling this piece of machinery, it will start to feel underpowered. Then you can change to something with a bit larger engine, but still don’t be tempted to go to large too soon.

Get The Right Helmet

Your helmet should be well fitting and of a good make. If you drop it, the integrity can be compromised and you should replace it. For this same reason, you should never buy a second-hand helmet, as you do not know its history and it might not do the job it is intended for.

A good helmet will reduce the risk of you dying from head injuries by 50%, but still, there is a large proportion of motorbike fatalities that are caused by head or brain injuries.

Laws relating to helmets differ from state to state, and if you ride into another state with different laws you could fall foul of their rules. Make sure you know all the ins and out of helmet laws for wherever you are intending to ride to.

Ride Sensibly On The Roads

If you want to ride at speeds over the allowed limits or do stunts are your bike, find a track or some ground where you can do this without putting anyone else at risk. Bike riders do not have the best of reputations because of ones that have done things like this on the roads in the past. The problem with it is that if you are riding at speeds in excess of 100 mph and you hit someone, it is likely that they and you will not survive the crash.

Be Well Insured

Motorcycles are an easy and popular target for thieves. You can have all the locks and chains on it you want, but all they have to do is turn up in a van and load it onto the back. Make sure that your bike is well insured and not just for theft but for damage from accidents as well. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by other road users who are not aware of the bike until it is too late to avoid them. Their insurance should pay for any damage to you and your bike, but what if they have none?

There is no reason why you should not have many years of pleasure from riding your motorcycle, as long as you take the right precautions.

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