We're Making Driving More Expensive For Ourselves!

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    Do you remember way back when, when you were so excited to drive, and the one thing that people older than you would warn you of would be how expensive driving was going to be?! You used to ignore them, as your excitement for actually being able to drive would cloud your vision. But, now you’re driving, all you can think about is the money you used to have before you could drive, and how expensive it actually is! But did you know that for most of us, we’re actually making it so much more expensive! There are plenty of ways that we could cut the costs when it comes to driving, we just chose to go down a road that means we’re spending an absolute fortune. Well, pretty much your whole life is going to revolve around driving now, so, have a read on, and let us show you a few ways that you’re probably making driving more expensive for yourself.

    Bad Insurance Choices

    You can’t drive without insurance. A lot of things are void without your insurance as well. For example, your tax, MOT, and anything else you can think of is actually void without your insurance. So, right from the very beginning, you’ll have to go through the trouble of paying insurance, and boy will your bank account know about it. Granted, the longer you drive, generally the cheaper it will get. But that’s not going to be until many years down the line, so what you need to do is find affordable car insurance. Don’t just go for the first one you see on comparison websites because it looks so cheap. Have a look at individual companies that you won’t find on comparison websites. You’ll find that you can get better deals through them. Ringing up is also a good idea, they’ll be able to talk to you and ask questions that comparison websites might not offer, and a lot of companies also say that they’ll give you some sort of offer for ringing up rather than using the internet. Having a black box is also a handy idea if you’re looking to save lots of money. They monitor your driving, which means you will have to be super sensible. But it makes it so much cheaper to allow them to do this!

    Bad Driving Choices

    We’re not talking about speeding or other bad decisions along the lines of that. We’re talking about decisions such as how you use your car. If you’re using your car for every single thing possible, there are a few things that are going to come of this. For one, you’re going to end up spending an absolute fortune on fuel, and the prices for this just seem to be going up and up. The more short journey’s you do, the more you’ll actually spend. It’s generally more efficient to go further as long as you’re going on roads at one speed, such as the motorway. Starting and stopping the car lots uses more fuel than you would think. But it’s not only the price of fuel that you’re going to have to deal with, it’s anything on the car that you might have to replace or repair. For example, the tread on the wheels might go below a legal limit, and you’ll have to spend more than you might want to on a new set of wheels!

    Bad Car Choices

    If you buy a bad car, you’re going to face so many repercussions. So, let’s talk about a sports car for example. Some of you just might not be able to stay away from them, but the price tag that comes with them is so much higher than just the initial buying price. They’ll guzzle fuel quicker than most cars will. They’ll cost more to insure, and they’ll cost more to repair. As much as you might want the quickest car on your street, go for something that’s going to be more practical for your finances. When the time and the money comes, you’ll be able to splash the cash on a sports car.

    Really Bad Choices

    If you’re going around making super bad choices such as speeding, driving whilst on your phone, or even drink driving, then boy are you going to make driving more expensive. With all of these offenses, you could face a ban, meaning you’ll have to rely on other people of public transport until it ends. Not only that, but you’ll face fines, and in the case of drink driving, a criminal record.


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