The Ultimate Car Maintenance Guide For Vintage Car Owners

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    For some, being a vintage car owner is a dream come true. Vintage cars can be fantasy cars to many people, and this can take you back in time to a unique era of car performance and design. However, owning one of these beautiful, unique cars can be a little more complicated than owning a modern day car. In this guide, we’ll discuss maintenance and the things you should be doing to take care of your vintage car.

    Chasing Down Parts

    You need to bear in mind that as a vintage car owner, some parts of your vehicle may be difficult to track down when it’s time to place them. This is especially true i they are model specific or they have specifications that are unique to your vehicle. You may need to spend a lot of time online or at swap meets attempting to source these pieces.

    Joining AAA Is A Must

    You might think that your vintage car is as reliable as they come, however, time can take its toll. Don't expect your car to be as reliable as a more modern model, and expect a few breakdowns when you're out and about in your car. Joining AAA or a similar roadside assistance program that offers flatbed towing for your classic car will prevent you from getting stranded.

    Joining A Vintage Car Club

    If you decide to join a vintage car club, even a specific car club that focuses on your make and model, you will be able to source pieces for your vehicle far easier. You are also able to enjoy the enthusiasm of a group of like-minded classic car collectors, making it a worthwhile investment that will help you maximize the fun. Hunt far and wide for vintage car clubs; you may even want to join one abroad if that’s something you can manage. Transporting cars to Cyprus and other far away countries is possible, although you will need to be sure that you can afford it. Vintage cars can be an amazing hobby and having other people to enjoy them with can be even better.

    Making Sure Your Classic Car Works Well

    If you’ve only recently purchased your vintage car, you’ll want to make checking over the following a priority:

    • tyre pressure.
    • light bulbs.
    • wiper blades.
    • an MOT even if your car isn’t due one.
    • Check all the fluids.
    • Drain and replace the engine oil.
    • Replace the filter and check the antifreeze.
    • Change the brake fluid.
    • Check all belts for fraying and loss of tension and adjust as necessary or replace.
    • Check the top and bottom hose, and all other pipework.

    This is just an idea of what you should be checking over when you purchase a vintage car. It’s always better to make small repairs and changes early on to ensure your car lasts longer. For example, it may not be due an MOT but having one can flag up any issues that need to be dealt with before they become even more serious.

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