Blazing Trails - 5 Tips for Safe and Fun Off-Road Driving

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    There’s nothing quite like tinkering away on your four-wheel drive vehicle in preparation for an outdoor adventure with your buddies. You can leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind, with nothing but watery horizons and dirt-clad tracks awaiting. However, off-road driving is not an activity for the faint of heart or poorly prepared. Instead, it takes someone who knows how to keep safe and have fun at the same time. If you want to be that person, read on.

    Make Visibility a Priority

    When you’re in the middle of nowhere with obstacles here, there, and everywhere, but not a streetlight in sight, you need to make sure you can see the road ahead clearly by only using your vehicle. Aside from the use of premium headlights in your truck, you can also invest in the likes of LED light bars which help to illuminate the path hundreds of feet ahead of you in conjunction with your headlights. The more you can see, the safer you’ll be.

    Take the Road MORE Traveled

    In life, there’s nothing wrong with taking the road less traveled, but when it comes to off-roading, it tends to work more in your favor if you follow the leader. Follow the trails that someone else has set, rather than trying to create your own. While you may be out off-roading for the thrill, you might only end up with expensive repair bills and a walk back to cellphone reception to organize a tow.

    Pack for Overnight

    Even if you only intend on going for a day-long trip, it’s always best to pack gear as if you were going to be away for the entire night. You never know what you may come across, or whether you end up with engine problems, a flat tire, or you become stuck in the mud in the dead of night.  


    Pack warm clothing, blankets, and comforts from home, as well as food that can provide plenty of energy such as bananas, dark chocolate, popcorn, and nuts.

    Walk It

    No one ever goes off-road driving with the intention of doing some off-road walking, but you may need to stretch your legs at some point in your adventure. If you come across a particularly hairy part of the trail that you’re not entirely sure you’ll get through, get out of the vehicle. See it in person, not through the windscreen of your truck. If you don’t think you can safely walk it, then you may not get through it with your vehicle either.

    Be Choosy with Tires

    Putting tires on your off-road vehicle is significantly different than a regular on-road car. As a result, you may not be familiar with the options available or what is going to be best for your needs. Before you plan a trip out into the great unknown, make sure your tires are in tip-top condition, and that you have the right ones on your vehicle in the first place.


    The right tire choice for you can depend on whether you’re heading into varying terrain or mud, dirt, sand, or rock. Several tires cater toward a type of terrain over another, so don’t be afraid to ask the question when you’re on the hunt for tires to suit.


    Off-roading can be a fun way to pass the time with friends and family, but without doing your due diligence, it can also be dangerous. Think about ways in which to create a safer experience for everyone involved and pay attention to these five tips above.


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