Advancements in Automotives: 3 Innovative Technologies in Car Maintenance

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    In recent years, vehicle repairs and maintenance have dramatically improved thanks to technological innovations. From bumpers to panels, today’s lightweight materials give automobile designers the freedom to make concepts that were once deemed impossible, possible. However, a recent survey found that 77% of vehicles are still in need of repairs or maintenance, despite the growth of advancements. Not to mention, keeping your vehicle in shape usually adds between CAD $500 to $700 a year.  

    So, perhaps you’ve bought your ultimate dream car and want to make it last as long as possible. Or maybe you have been neglecting your vehicle checkup routine. Either way, check out some of the latest technologies in car maintenance.

    Advancements in paintwork

    Not all paints are created equal, especially in terms of automobile paintwork. But what if you never had to wash your car again? As outrageous as it may sound, paint that helps keep the vehicle clean is just one of the many developments today. What’s more, that’s not the only feature found in the auto paintwork. From color-changing to scratch preventing paints, drivers can give their touch-ups an eco-friendly coat as waterborne paints have been growing in population due to the less toxic volatile organic compounds.

    Got a noticeable chip on your door side? Want to make your car’s color unique? While this pigment is yet to be released on the market, the refractive paint causes the vehicle’s appearance to change, depending on the angle and source of light. In addition, more developments are on the way with thermochromic paint, which changes shades based on the temperature. Not to mention, new innovations are also mixing traditional materials with silicate to bounce UV rays off instead of absorbing them. As a result, vehicles will gain relief from the harsh heat even when the air-conditioning is off.

    Developments in Frame Repair

    The frame is the skeleton of the vehicle, working as a foundation for the structure. As frame damage occurs in nearly one out of two accidents, most automobile owners assume that a damaged auto frame means a non-usable car. Fortunately, that is not always the case. With today’s modern frames designed to make repairs easier, new advances have led to sophisticated machines that straighten and strengthen the frame.

    A frame-straightening machine consists of a large system with two to three rotatable towers. This moves along the platform on different areas of the vehicle. As most modern machines use laser technology to scan the foundation, this helps diagnose any signs of damage, misalignments, and even provide accurate estimates for vehicle owners. That leads us to the next innovation.

    Tools to estimate the cost of fixtures

    Today’s modern vehicle comes loaded with new specs and safety features such as automatic emergency braking, forward-collision signals, and blind-spot detection – the list seems to go on and on. As enhanced features help reduce the risk of fatalities, the technology used to prevent incidents may cost a hefty price when damaged. In fact, based on the 2018 “Crash Course” publication, there is a 2% increase in the average costs of repair, estimated at CAD $2,930.

    Due to the growth of electronic content, features added to address safety or enhanced experiences add to the overall costs. In fact, not only are more parts needed, but also the labor that is required for resetting the software, calibrating the system, and scanning operations.

    As the future of the auto industry improves in development every day, vehicles are growing advanced in all aspects. Whether it is the design, features, or repair services, drivers should expect to see more updates on how we maintain our vehicles for the long run.


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