Avoiding Extra Expenses on the Roads

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago

    We are all well aware that driving can be a relatively expensive venture in and of itself. Before you take to the roads, you have to fork out for numerous driving lessons that will familiarise you with vehicles, how they work, and how to maneuver them safely. You also have to pay for theory and practical tests. After that, you have to either purchase a car outright, lease a car, or sign up to a financial agreement on a car. Next, fuel, tax, insurance, cleaning, and other general maintenance. But many of us feel that the freedom a car supplies you with is more than worth these essential costs. You don’t have to rely on public transport, its static timetables, and its fixed drop off points. You can literally go wherever you want, whenever you want. If you do choose to drive, it is, however, extremely simple to minimise extra costs that are often associated with vehicle ownership. Here are a few to cut as soon as possible for the sake of your positive bank balance!

    Parking Tickets

    You can’t just park wherever you like. There are certain places that have strict policies against parking, or time limits in regards to how long you can park in them. If you happen to park in one of these spaces, or stay in them for a little too long, you are likely to receive a ticket. This will come hand in hand with a fine that you will have to pay, and this fine tends to increase if you don’t pay immediately or in the immediate future. Of course, you can avoid these fines by simply following instructions and taking the time to look out for signs that indicate whether you can park where you intend to or not. Further good news is that you can protest a parking ticket if you think that it was unfairly administered. Learn how to fight a ticket here.

    Alloy Repair

    Scuffed alloys are relatively common when it comes to vehicles used on public roads. It only takes a small bump or scrape against a curb to visibly damage your car’s alloys. However, by practicing your parking skills a little, you can reduce the frequency with which this occurs, consequently lessening the amount of money you have to fork out on cleaning your alloys and investing in alloy repair kits. You should also opt for parking spaces that aren’t bordered by curbs or other vehicles whenever possible. This reduces your chances of experiencing problem.


    Now, you have to pay for fuel if you are going to drive. Otherwise you won’t be able to get your vehicle up and running. But there are ways to reduce your fuel consumption, making each journey cheaper. The first step is to practice gentle acceleration. Driving a little slower significantly reduces the amount of fuel that you will use getting from A to B. The next step is to remove heavy items from your vehicle if they are not needed. The heavier your car is, the more fuel will be required to shift it. So, remove roof racks and excess luggage.

    These are just a few steps that you can take in order to minimise extra expenses that are often entailed in vehicle use and ownership!


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