The Dangers of Driving Now That Fall Is With Us

Posted by Ben Davidson about 8 months ago
It’s all so easy in the spring and summer seasons. We roll out of bed with all the energy we’ll need for the day, jump in our car, and take an easy drive to the office. When fall arrives, it slowly begins to change. As the mornings and evenings grow darker and the weather changes, it becomes more difficult to stay safe on the roads. That’s because the season brings its own set of challenges. We take a look at five of these below; be aware of them, and stay safe out there.
Early Starts

During the summer, we usually work up bright and alert. The sun has been shining for hours, and we quickly catch up to the rhythm of the day. When we’re waking up in the dark, this isn’t the case. We work up more tired, and this makes it potentially dangerous to drive. If you’re not giving yourself enough time to become alert before you leave the house, you’ll be at an increased chance of having an accident. Make sure you’re starting the day the right way. A cold shower, an energetic breakfast, and even brushing your teeth with your weaker hand will get your mind firing.

Darker Periods

The dark mornings and earlier nights pose another problem, too: we’re all going to spend much more time in the dark than usual. Before the real darkness sets in, you’ll want to check that your lights are in full working order. You’ll also want to be aware that some people, purely through forgetfulness, don’t have their lights on first thing in the morning or when the sun sets, which can cause accidents. If you’re involved in a crash that wasn’t your fault, get help from You can’t always prevent accidents from happening, but you can ensure you get justice for what’s happened.

Changing Weather

The biggest change we see with the arrival of fall is the weather. Gone are the clear blue skies. Now, we’re dealing with rain and heavy winds. Needless to say, this can make driving increasingly dangerous. To protect yourself, read up on the best practices when you find yourself driving when there’s a lot of water on the ground or high winds. If you live in an area that gets snow in winter, don’t be shocked if the changing climate brings it a little earlier this year, too.

Animals on the Road

Animals are going to be a threat all the year round, but there’s an increased risk during fall. Because of reduced light, you won’t always see the animals up ahead before a collision. Of course, in most cases, it’ll be you doing the damage, not the animal. But there are a couple of exceptions: deer and moose, which can cause severe damage and injury to vehicles and their drivers. Pay particular attention at dusk, when they’re most active, and always keep a pair of sunglasses in the car to prevent fall glare getting into your eyes.

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