Car-eer: Making Money From Your Vehicle

Posted by Ben Davidson about 8 months ago
We love cars because they go fast and get the blood pumping. There’s nothing like an adrenaline shot to wake you up on a Monday morning. But, we’d all like cars a little more if we could make money out of them. Yep, driving for a living (no trucks allowed) like Lewis Hamilton is the dream yet it’s unobtainable.

Okay, it might be if you don’t have a karting background and a super license. Still, there’s no reason you can’t make money from your car. All you need is a touch of creativity combined with a sprinkle of imagination.

Here are the car-eers to keep in mind.
Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro didn’t do the industry any favors with his famous movies, but, thankfully, Uber and Lyft have in the past ten years. There is no need to take any tests or get the knowledge – just apply for a license and agree to a background check. Uber, in particular, are stricter than before due to a few bad apples but the application success rate is still high. As well as a strong work ethic you’ll also need insurance and the phone number of a quality attorney. When s**t goes down, you’ll need to pass the car accident details to someone as well as the police.


Businesses are constantly looking for ways to raise brand awareness. One method which is coming back with a bang is car sponsorship. The way it works is simple: you cover the vehicle from head to toe in marketing and drive around. If you don’t mind about the gaudy aesthetics, some companies will pay hundreds of dollars a week. And, it makes sense for them to do so because the numbers of pedestrians on the street and cars on the roads have never been higher. Think of it as a billboard on wheels.
Driving Instructor

Yes, there are plenty on the market but are they any good? What you have to remember is that modern cars are making bad drivers because the person relies on the gadgets. With your retro throwback to the 80s and 90s, you can offer an experience that will stay with them once they obtain their license. Sure, it’s not all about them as there are a few nice perks of the job. For one thing, you’ll be self-employed and control your hours. Plus, the cost of a car is tax deductible and it’s always a good day when you dodge the taxman.
Car Park Space

You don’t even need to use the vehicle to make money. If you live in a busy, overcrowded town or city, you can rent out your parking space to willing buyers. In cities such as Quebec and Toronto, there is always a highflying hotshot who needs to make a quick entrance and exit. What will you do with your car? Well, paying for storage isn’t expensive, and it’s certainly not as pricey as the rates you’ll charge for your space.

Do you want to earn a bit extra on the side? Which car-eer choice do you like the best?

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