Buying A Quality Used Car, From Budget to Paperwork

Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago
Some people go their whole lives without discovering they utter joy of a great preloved car. Being put off my minor bodywork issues, or sometimes ever a ‘too good to be true’ price, might mean you are missing out on a car filled with personality. Sure’ it’s been around the block a few times, but it’s worn in all the right places and still had plenty left to give. But what should you be looking for when you buy a secondhand car? Let’s take a peek. 

Before you look at cars, work out what you can afford to spend. A budget is the only way this will work. It is so easy to say you have around 3 thousand pounds and head to your nearest trade seller. They will see the dollar signs and take you to a 2,999 car. So rather than getting swept up, consider the car, plus taxes and insurances. That is your real budget. Then consider it may need some work, and a service straight away. 
Write down everything you want or need in a care. Do you need 5 or 7 seats, and automatic or a manual? Would you prefer gas or diesel? What color? What make and model? A real off-road monster or city slicker? Then set up some alerts on selling sites. Keep an eye on the prices, then you’ll soon be able to spot a good deal. 

Once you arrive at the trader, be ready to fire some questions. Get as much information about the car as they can give. As for old service records, how many owners has it had, are there any knocks or scrapes? What warranty do they offer? Go through the paperwork. Double check the details. Get anything like warranty or money back guarantees in writing. You might like to take a friend along with you, just to keep you on track. Make sure you test drive the car. Is everything you see included in the price? You might be tempted to pay for the car in cash, but when possible use a card transaction. The more of a paper trail you have the better if anything should go wrong. 

And prepare yourself to haggle a little bit. Their best price is rarely their very best price. Try and knock a little off, or get something thrown in. Every little help. 

Once you are home, you’re going to need to sort a few things out. Book your car in for a service. You will likely have very little idea of the last tie the oil was changed, or the last 32+ point check took place. If you opted for a diesel vehicle, ensure that you book in with a Certified Diesel Care. Take it to get cleaned out, or maybe that is something you’d like to do yourself. After all, just because you took it home, doesn’t mean it did go out a few times with other potential buyers. 

Now, go hit the road!

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