5 Crucial Items You Should Always Have In Your Car

Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago
Do you like your car clean and free of clutter? While we can certainly admit this is the best way to keep the exterior of your car looking stylish, you shouldn’t empty the vehicle completely. Some people empty their car for performance reasons assuming, correctly, that a lighter car will lead to a faster speed. However, again, this isn’t the best decision as some of the heavier items in your vehicle could prove very useful on the road in certain situations. So, let’s explore some of the items and products that should be in your car, no matter where you’re going or how far you are traveling. 

A Camera
These days, a lot of cars do come with a front and rear camera. There are various reasons for this. You might have bought a car with some level of autonomous control even if it is just lane correction. This type of technology does require cameras on the exterior of your car to work effectively. Cameras were introduced as a main feature for a car several years ago. With video footage provided inside the car, this device was linked to improved parking and indeed car safety. However, there’s another reason you might want to make sure there is a camera in your car. 

At some point, you could be stopped or pulled over by the police. In most cases, this will be due to a minor issue like a speeding ticket or a malfunction with your vehicle operations. If you are stopped, a camera might be exactly what you need to prove your innocence as some cameras do track the speed you are traveling similar to a satellite navigation system. As such, this little device could get you out of a considerably large fine. 

If you don’t have a pre installed camera in your car, it’s well worth getting one. A camera like this is relatively cheap and certainly won’t break your budget. But, it could easily save you a small fortune over the years. If you’re looking for how to fight traffic tickets, in particular, this could be one of the easiest options, but there are other steps that you’ll need to take. 

A Few Pieces Of Old Carpet
Why do you need some old carpet in your car? We’re glad you asked. At some point, perhaps in the winter weather, you might come off the road. Your car could end up in deep snow or thick mud. In either case, your only option might be to call a tow truck. Unless of course, you have some old pieces of carpet in the back of your car. If you have a couple pieces, you can slot them under the back of the wheel and reverse over them. The carpet should be strong and light enough that it doesn’t sink beneath the mud immediately and will give you solid traction to escape your feet. It's an old trick, and it can be tedious as you will often need to move the pieces multiple times before you can get out. You need to keep the car slow and steady as well. 

Do make sure that once you escape mud, in particular, you drive slower than normal. It’s likely that the wheels will still be coated in mud and this will impact your grip on the road. As such, it’s best to keep at a much lower speed until you get a chance to clean off the car. 
In a pinch, the floor mats in your car may also work. But, having a few pieces of carpet in the trunk allows you to avoid absolutely covering these in mud. 

A First Aid Kit
Still thinking in terms of an accident, a first aid kit could be another small item that you may want in your car. With a first aid kit, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to deal with some minor injuries. You will also find various items that, to a point, could help with more serious problems. This might be needed for your own injuries or for someone who you encounter on the road. Ultimately, you never know what you’ll encounter on the road from this day to the next. That’s why it’s best to be prepared for anything or at least as much as you realistically can. 

If you don’t know any basic first aid, it might also be a smart idea to learn. Getting to grips with first aid could make you feel a lot calmer if you are ever involved in a serious accident or incident that requires you to get involved and help, people. A firm knowledge and quick thinking could mean you can save lives on the road. 

A Spare

These days it’s quite common for cars not to have any spare tire at all. There are multiple reasons for this. New technology on modern cars can tell drivers when a tire is going to fail before it does so they can get a replacement. It can provide key info on everything from air pressure to tread ensure there is no danger. Alternatively, it might once again be to save on space or weight. But temporary spare tires can be small and light but still ensure you don’t get stuck at the side of the road if you get a flat. If you hate waiting for the repair truck, this could certainly be a worthwhile purchase, even if you don’t get one when you buy your car.

Money, Money, Money
Your wallet or purse should ideally be with you at all times as it’s useful to have your driving license on you and it could be the difference between a fine or a warning. But, you should also make sure you have some cash in the car too. You may want to store an emergency fund in the glove compartment. This can be used to pay for any quick fixes, get food when you’re broken down or anything else that you might need. Regardless of where you’re going, you could find yourself in a situation where you need some quick cash.

Make sure that your car has these items and you’ll be able to get out of quite a few tough scrapes. 


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