Why Inattention on the Roads is to Be Avoided at All Costs

Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago
It’s all good and well enjoying the process of driving, looking after your car, and all-around being obsessed with all things automobile, but there’s a dark side to driving too, one that we’re all too aware of: it’s dangerous. And though the elements and wildlife play a role, the overwhelming percentage of traffic incidents are a result of a simple human error, specifically a lack of concentration. Below, we take a look at a few ways inattention is one aspect of driving that’s to be avoided at all costs.
You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

The roads - heck, the world - is tough enough without making it more difficult for yourself. But by failing to give proper attention to the roads, you’re becoming your own worst enemy. Even if there’s no-one else on the road, you’ll still be liable to be involved in an accident - now just think how ridiculous that is. In any case, you’ll also likely spend longer trying to reach your destination - and that’s your own gas money you’re burning there. When you’re on the road, make sure it’s eyes on the road! 

You Can Put Others at Risk

But of course, if you want to put yourself in harm’s way, well then, that’s on you. What cannot be forgiven is putting other people in harm’s way. People set out in their vehicle expecting a smooth journey, one where other people contribute to their safety. If you’re failing to pay attention to the roads, then you’re endangering their lives. You’ll know that the accident is your fault, and if you contribute to another person’s injury - or even worse - then you’re going to be carrying guilt with you for a long time. Respect your fellow drivers and citizens, and make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re doing.

It Can Be Mistaken For a DUI

A lapse in concentration doesn’t have to result in an accident for there to be consequences. Because you can be swaying on the road or make fundamental errors if you’re not focusing properly, a police officer can - justifiably - mistake it for driving under the influence. If the conviction is upheld, then you can expect there to be a domino effect of negative consequences, including potentially losing your job. If you’re accused of this type of crime, then check out the Skinner Law Firm, and fight to clear your name. But going forward, you’ll want to ensure that no police officer can mistake your driving for drinking while under the influence. 

How to Avoid It

So you know the dangers of lacking concentration on the road, so how do you avoid it? For starters, avoid using your phone at all costs. Second, limit the volume of the music or radio, and don’t get it to any in-depth conversations when you’re with other passengers. Beyond that, it’s all about staying alert, making sure you’re not tired, not driving for too long in one stretch, and keeping your eyes on where you’re going. Do those things, and you’ll be an attentive driver!

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