Novice Driver? It's Time For A Positive Start On The Road

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago

    Learning to drive and becoming a new driver can be a nerve-wracking time. However, it’s vital that you remain cool, calm, and collected when out on the road so that you can build up your skills and confidence while driving. With more road dangers, an increasing number of car accidents, bad road behavior, and road rage; you need to ensure that you’re being as safe as possible when you’re at the helm of the wheel. The following are some tips and advice for novice drivers who are about to start driving on a regular basis, and want a positive relationship with the road ahead.

    Slow And Steady

    You may have gained your license; however, that first drive alone on the road will be a very different experience to the one you had with your instructor. You’ll need plenty more practise in your car, in a non-lesson environment before you become an adept motorist, so it’s crucial that you don’t rush things and whizz off on an adventure too soon. If you’re feeling under confident or anxious; you can always back up you basic training with some further lessons and specific guidance.

    Track days are a great idea for those who feel they can’t wait to speed up when they start driving. The theme of this article will be safety, so a day racing around the tarmac should satiate your need for speed in a safe environment. It will also help you learn to react quickly, handle turns successfully, and better understand your gear changes and the car's capabilities. The last thing on your mind after gaining your license will be bicycles. However, getting back onto two wheels could improve your skills as a driver. Cycle around the areas you will be driving frequently to; you’ll be able to check out the road, where you’ll need to indicate, and how other motorists are behaving.

    Being on the road as a pedestrian or cyclist will also raise your awareness of their rights on the road and the challenges they face in different areas of your town, so you can better understand how to treat them when you’re in the car. It’s also a smart idea to scope out heavy traffic areas with a more seasoned driver so that you have a good sense of how to handle them with the help of your passenger.

    Keeping Safety In Mind

    Don’t get too relaxed when you're driving; there are so many potential dangers and hazards that aren’t even caused by you, that you don’t want to increase the risk of an accident through nonchalance. Ensure that you’re all set up and _protect yourself on the road with car insurance_ so that if accidents do happen; your car is covered for any damages. Not claiming on your insurance through something that’s your own fault should be your priority when driving, so keep that in mind and be as safe as possible. It’s also worth looking into an attorney like Allan Berger & Associates NOLA so that should the worst happen; you’ve got the right team on your side. It’s always best to go with lawyers who specialize in car accidents and incidents, so having some details with you is a smart idea.

    Thoughtless behavior, like texting or using your phone when driving can lead to fatal accidents. It’s not worth risking your own, or other people’s lives, getting back to a message you’ve received. Therefore, you should get into the habit of pulling over if you desperately need to communicate through your phone or wait until you arrive safely back at home. The same goes if you’re tired; falling asleep at the wheel, even for a second, can result in accidents that can affect the rest of your life. So, if you feel sleepy; get a cab, or ask a loved one to drive you somewhere. If worst comes to worse and you’re already on the road; pull over and take a power nap and drink a caffeinated beverage to boost your alertness.

    Learning Your Terain

    terrain of the road can vary dramatically, as can the weather. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure you take trips out in your car to experience the plethora of weather conditions and road surfaces and practice driving on them thoroughly. Rain, sleet, and snow can affect your vision and the distance you can see, so it’s worth going out in them to ensure that you know when to break and how to turn safely. Bad weather, particularly ice, will also affect the road’s surface, so you need to get used to how your car and tires handle different conditions and slow down your driving.

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